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Can Vapes Be Recycled?

Can Vapes Be Recycled?

Vapes, also known as electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes, have become a popular choice for those seeking a supposed safer alternative to traditional smoking. But when it comes to recycling vapes, it's not as straightforward as it seems.

Recent research from the recycling campaign group Material Focus reveals a concerning trend in the UK: approximately five million disposable vapes are discarded each week, marking a fourfold increase in the past year alone. Shockingly, only 17% of vapers correctly recycle their vapes. This means more than 215 million single-use vapes are not being disposed of properly annually, leading to a significant accumulation of plastic, metal, and lithium batteries.

So, can vapes be recycled? In short, yes, they can be recycled. However, recycling vapes is challenging, and they should NEVER be placed in your regular recycling bin. Specialised recycling programs are required, and unfortunately at present, the UK lacks the necessary infrastructure to handle this effectively.

What makes vapes difficult to recycle?

One major hurdle is the complexity of the devices themselves. Vapes consist of various materials, including metal, plastic, and electronic components, often intricately intertwined and challenging to separate. Consequently, most conventional recycling systems cannot process vapes, and they must be managed through dedicated schemes where each vape is dismantled by hand.

In addition to being difficult to recycle, vapes also pose a significant fire hazard throughout the waste management and recycling process, due to their lithium-ion batteries. These batteries can ignite if damaged or punctured by the machinery used in waste management, leading to a potentially dangerous thermal runaway reaction and subsequent fires.

Are vapes harmful to the environment?

The environmental impact of vapes extends beyond their recycling challenges. E-juice, the liquid in vapes, contains various ingredients, including nicotine and flavourings, which can be harmful to the environment and recycling facilities if not handled properly. Many recycling programs are ill-equipped to deal with such substances, leading to potential contamination and damage to both equipment and the environment.

How should you dispose of vapes responsibly?

Given these complications, it is crucial to handle vapes properly to protect the environment and recycling facilities. If you can remove the battery, recycle it separately. If not, dispose of the entire vaping kit with your electrical recycling. Most household waste and recycling centres have dedicated bins for electrical items and batteries. Some stores also accept vapes for return.

Is vaping more harmful to the environment than smoking?

In the broader context, vaping is generally considered less harmful to the environment than smoking traditional cigarettes. While vaping doesn't produce smoke or ash, it can still release chemicals and particulate matter into the air. Additionally, e-cigarettes and their components, such as batteries and cartridges, contribute to electronic waste that needs responsible disposal. Nevertheless, smoking tobacco emits a significantly larger volume of harmful chemicals and leads to cigarette butt litter, a major source of environmental pollution.

Looking ahead, the Local Government Association has proposed a ban on disposable vapes by 2024. This initiative aims to address the inherent sustainability issues of disposable vapes and reduce their environmental impact. However, given the popularity of vapes and the existence of a robust black market, implementing such a ban may present significant challenges.

In conclusion, it's clear that vapes should not be placed in your home recycling bin. J&B Recycling, which handles over 200,000 tonnes of household waste annually, has noticed an increasing presence of vapes in kerbside waste. Beyond the environmental consequences, this poses a serious fire risk to their facilities and their dedicated team of workers. Proper disposal and responsible recycling of vapes are imperative to protect our environment and those who manage our waste.

This is just one small sample, which contained multiple vapes...

can vapes be recycled

This is how many vapes we removed from recycling waste in just a few days...

vapes removed from recycling

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