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Our main aim is to divert as much waste as possible away from landfill sites and to increase levels of recycling. Not only does this help the environment, it also reduces the cost of waste removal and helps conform to the Government's green legislations.


At J&B we like to keep our customers informed of legislative changes, recent developments, and best practice with regards to waste management and the environment. Please see our latest news below:


21 August 2019

J&B backs campaign to bin your nappies

A report by the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP), has stated the UK disposes of around 3 billion disposable nappies each year, representing an estimated 2% to 3% of all household waste.The report by the charity also stated that by the time a baby is potty trained a total of 6,000 disposab...


10 August 2019

Growth and investment at J&B Recycling

Tees Valley-based J&B Recycling has recently reported 40% growth, on top of the audited previous year’s 100% growth, in challenging and ever-changing markets for their products.J&B’s end products include commodities that are sent on for reprocessing and eventually recycled into n...


16 July 2019

J&B educates students on waste journey

Students from Trinity Catholic College in Middlesbrough were invited to J&B Recycling recently on an educational trip to see just what happens to waste once it’s been binned.   Eighteen students were shown around J&B’s Head Office & Material Recycling Facility ...

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