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J&B warns against throwing your old electricals in the recycling


Wondering where to dispose of your batteries? What to do with your old electricals?

Here at J&B Recycling we’re spreading the warning against putting electrical items in the wrong waste bin, following a spate of blazes in waste collection vehicles and processing sites across the country from Northampton and Shropshire to Teesside.

Most people aren’t aware that old electrical items and batteries in your kerbside general waste or mixed recycling can cause serious damage and put waste workers at risk.

According to The Environmental Services Association, of the 510 fires reported by its members across the UK in 2017-18, 25% were attributed to Lithium batteries.

Large household appliances such as ovens, fridges, and washing machines currently make up over 40% of WEEE but there are large volumes of other equipment such as computers, TVs, kettles, electrical tools, digital watches, mobile phones, electronic toys and medical devices.

Recycle Now, the national recycling campaign for England, offers a great tool for you to check for your nearest batteryand electricalrecycling facilities, battery facilities can even be situated in the entrance to your local supermarket, so you don’t need to make a special trip.

Mark Penny, Commercial Manager at J&B Recycling, said: “There have been many incidents of this not only across the Tees Valley but also across the UK and it is becoming a bigger and bigger issue.

“The best place to dispose of electronics and batteries is at a household waste recycling facility where they will be safely stored and transported for recycling, or you can dispose of used batteries via battery banks located in most supermarkets, or some electrical stores, libraries and community buildings. Councils will display locations of battery banks on their websites”

“At J&B we provide a range of collection services for hazardous and non-hazardous electrical waste and recycle in a safe, authorised, and environmentally acceptable manner.

“We urge the general public to take responsibility to safely dispose of electrical waste and batteries.”

For more information on J&B’s Waste Electrical and Electronic equipment (WEEE) recycling service, click here.

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