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Books to get Children Interested in Recycling

Introducing kids to the concept of recycling at an early age is a fantastic way to instil eco-conscious habits that can last a lifetime. Reading books about recycling with your children not only educates them about the importance of environmental responsibility but also makes the learning process fun and engaging. In this article, we'll explore a selection of books that are not only entertaining but also educational, helping children develop an interest in recycling. But before we dive into our list of favourite books to get children interested in recycling, check out our FREE story, put together by the team at J&B Recycling: The Adventures of Recycle Rob >> Click here to download FREE PDF.

The Adventures of Recycle Rob

As well as our free recycling book about The Adventures of Recycle Rob, here are a few more of our favourite recycling books to help educate kids about recycling that are available to purchase...

Charlie and Lola's "We are Extremely Very Good Recyclers"

After Charlie convinces Lola to recycle her old toys instead of throwing them away, Lola discovers a recycling competition. If she can recycle one hundred plastic, metal, and paper items, she can get h

er very own real live tree to plant. But she only has two weeks, so Lola decides to ask her classmates to help. They turn out to be extremely very good recyclers indeed.

The book includes recycling tips as well as a tree poster just like Lola's, so kids can keep track of their recycling projects and help to save the planet all on their own.

If you are interested in teaching your children more about #recycling, this is definitely a great book to start with!

Jo Readman's "George Saves The World By Lunchtime"

George is determined to save the world by lunchtime, but he's not quite sure how. Grandpa suggests they start by recycling the yoghurt pot from his breakfast, putting his banana peel in the compost pile, and hanging the washing to dry in the sun. A bike trip to the recycling bank, charity shop and local farmers' market show how recycling and re-using materials, and using less petrol and local produce can really help save the world. George even gets a favourite toy fixed!

Peppa Pig's "Recycling Fun"

This book is a great way to get children interested in recycling from a very young age - who doesn't love Peppa?

The Adventures of a Plastic Bottle, by Alison Inches

This captivating book takes young readers on a journey with a plastic bottle named "Bottle." It explores Bottle's adventures and transformation, highlighting the importance of recycling plastics. Through Bottle's eyes, children can discover the recycling process in a way that's both enlightening and enjoyable.

Michael Recycle, by Ellie Bethel

Meet Michael Recycle, a superhero who's on a mission to clean up the town. This delightful story not only entertains but also inspires kids to take action. It's a great introduction to recycling and environmental stewardship.

The Great Trash Bash, by Loreen Leedy

"The Great Trash Bash" is an imaginative and educational book that follows a group of animals as they organize a cleanup day. It teaches kids about the three Rs: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, in a fun and memorable way.

Compost Stew, by Mary McKenna Siddals

Composting is a crucial aspect of recycling, and "Compost Stew" introduces children to the world of composting with catchy rhymes and vibrant illustrations. It's an excellent resource for teaching kids about turning food scraps into valuable soil.

The Watcher, by Jeanette Winter

"The Watcher" tells the true story of Dr. Jane Goodall, a renowned primatologist and environmentalist. This biography showcases Dr. Goodall's dedication to wildlife conservation and her work in raising awareness about the importance of protecting our planet.

Recycle This Book: 100 Top Children's Book Authors Tell You How to Go Green, by Dan Gutman

This book not only promotes recycling but also provides insights from 100 popular children's authors on how to live a greener life. It's a valuable resource for both kids and parents interested in eco-friendly practices.

Other great books include:

- What A Waste, by Jess French
- Earth Ninja, by Mary Nihn
- The Adventures of a Plastic Bottle, by Alison Inches
- Recycling is Fun, by Charles Ghigna

Teaching children about recycling through books can be an enjoyable and effective way to inspire them to care for the environment. By exploring these engaging titles together, you can help your kids develop a lifelong interest in recycling and sustainability. So, gather your young readers and embark on an exciting journey to discover the wonders of recycling through the magic of storytelling. For more eco-friendly tips and information, visit

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