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Our main aim is to divert as much waste as possible away from landfill sites and to increase levels of recycling. Not only does this help the environment, it also reduces the cost of waste removal and helps conform to the Government's green legislations.


At J&B we like to keep our customers informed of legislative changes, recent developments, and best practice with regards to waste management and the environment. Please see our latest news below:


07 December 2017

What does the Chinas National Sword campaign mean for J&B Recycling

  Back in May we looked at what impact the China’s ‘National Sword’ campaign would have on the UK paper market.   Implemented in April the campaign’s aim was to reduce the import of illegal waste and contaminated products into the country, particularly addressing d...


07 December 2017

J&B warns customers of the dangers of disposing electrical waste and batteries incorrectly

J&B Recycling is urging home and business owners to be aware of disposing of electrical waste and batteries safely.   The majority of this waste falls into the category of hazardous waste, as it may contain harmful heavy metals or chemicals which are extremely hazardous to both the environ...


29 November 2017

J&Bs guide to Christmas Recycling

  The festive season is upon us, and for many during the Christmas period levels of waste go up considerably. To give you a helping hand we’ve put together a handy guide for what can and can’t be recycled this Christmas.   In the run up to Christmas   Old Christmas decorat...

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