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Our main aim is to divert as much waste as possible away from landfill sites and to increase levels of recycling. Not only does this help the environment, it also reduces the cost of waste removal and helps conform to the Government's green legislations.


At J&B we like to keep our customers informed of legislative changes, recent developments, and best practice with regards to waste management and the environment. Please see our latest news below:


07 June 2018

A J&B learning at work success story, Ashleigh Sweeney

  The Festival of Learning is a national celebration of lifelong learning and a time where many businesses reflected on the success of those employees who have been through training or development programmes helping to push them to the next level of their career.   When we think of lifelo...


24 May 2018

The launch of the new Google Home voice skill, Recycle That!

  Earlier this month the creative technology company, Rehab, launched ‘Recycle That!’, a new Google Home voice skill designed to help take the confusion out of recycling.   The new voice skill will allow users to ask their Google Home device which items can be recycled, helpin...


17 May 2018

Meet J&B Fleet Driver, Kevin Bulmer

  Name: Kevin Bulmer   Position: Fleet Driver   Age: 62   Favourite Sport and Team: Being from Teesside I’ve always been a Middlesbrough FC fan. I started following them when I was about 10, with all the lads from school, and I have followed them ever since.   Favourit...

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