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Our main aim is to divert as much waste as possible away from landfill sites and to increase levels of recycling. Not only does this help the environment, it also reduces the cost of waste removal and helps conform to the Government's green legislations.



14 December 2016

Recycling consistency comes into question

A senior adviser on waste issues for the Local Government Association (LGA) has suggested that councils will be resistant to measures to enforce a ‘consistent collection system’ across England. The cautionary note over consistency came from LGA adviser Hilary Tanner during a debate titl...


08 December 2016

J&B Recycling hits the headlines

WE were delighted to see fantastic coverage after the news we released about the 30 new staff starting at J&B Recycling.  The team at Publicity Seekers, who look after all of our PR, did a great job in telling the media about our news and it was great to see it on ...


08 December 2016

More investment at South Tees site

J&B RECYCLING has invested in a new loading shovel to help improve the efficiency of the operation at Windermere Road.  The company that is committed to providing a quality waste management service has invested £140,000 on a Liebherr 542 model.  This is the second...

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