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St John’s CE Academy has worked with J&B Recycling for the last three years to collect food, mixed recycling and general waste.

The school came to J&B Recycling after a recommendation from another local school that was already using the company to handle its waste.

The Business Manager at St John’s CE Primary School has been delighted with the service provided by the company and has re-enforced the recycling message throughout every classroom.

She said: “Recycling and re-using materials is something we want to emphasise throughout our school and be an example to our students in looking after the environment and diverting as much waste as possible from landfill.

“During our initial meeting with J&B Recycling, rather than talk about what they could provide, they asked us about our requirements and built a service tailored specifically to our needs. This included bin size, location, pick-up times etc.

“We now have food, mixed recycling and general waste bins which allows us to recycle paper, cardboard, beverage cartons, plastic bottles and more.”

The school has gone one step further to emphasise the importance of recycling in each classroom by adding three different recycling bins to each class and explaining the difference to children. 

She added: “We now encourage our children to look after things more and make them think about where things go and how we can possibly re-use things.

“We have been really happy with the service from J&B Recycling especially during heavy wastage times like Christmas, when we’ve had slightly more waste than expected. They constantly look to improve the service and are always on hand if we have any problems.

“They are easy to get in contact with, friendly and are really responsive and quick to act. For the level of service they provide they offer very competitive pricing too. I would recommend them to any other education facility.”

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