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Additional Lengths
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Additional Lengths

Additional Lengths is a provider of real hair extensions and related products from Remi Cachet and Additional Lengths brands, catering to both direct consumers and professional hairstylists across the UK. With a commitment to quality, Additional Lengths ensures its products are far from the disposable norm; they are designed to last up to a year with proper maintenance. This longevity reflects the brand's dedication to delivering premium, sustainable options in the beauty industry, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction, and reducing waste.

J&B Recycling has worked with Additional Lengths since 2018, managing the dry mixed recycling waste from their Teesside warehouse. Kelly Laybourne, the Operations Manager at Additional Lengths, oversees the warehouse, fulfilment, and customer service departments and has witnessed first-hand the growth and benefits of this partnership.

"J&B Recycling was already in place when I joined the company, and they have been instrumental in efficiently managing our waste, primarily cardboard from packaging," says Kelly. The frequency of waste collection has increased over the years, a testament to Additional Lengths' business growth. Currently, J&B Recycling conducts three collections per week—two for recycling and one for general waste.

Sustainability is a core component of Additional Lengths' operational philosophy. The company has made significant strides in reducing plastic and non-recyclable packaging. They encourage customers to return used hair extensions, which are then recycled. This not only minimises waste but also supports circular economy principles.

Additional Lengths collaborates with two charities to repurpose donated hair. One charity creates absorbent mats to tackle oil spills in oceans, while the other, Little Lady Locks, crafts wigs for children suffering from alopecia. Over the past year, Additional Lengths has donated 100kg of hair to these worthy causes.

"The main benefits of working with J&B Recycling are the minimal need for oversight and the assurance that our recyclable materials are handled responsibly," Kelly notes. This smooth partnership allows Additional Lengths to focus on their core operations while trusting that their waste management is in capable hands.

With a strong foundation in sustainable practices, Additional Lengths is currently exploring the possibility of pursuing formal environmental accreditations. This move would not only solidify their commitment to best practices in sustainability but also enhance their market position as a responsible company. Effective waste management and recycling helps reduce landfill use, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and conserve natural resources, aligning with environmental sustainability goals. A partnership with J&B Recycling would therefore further advance Additional Lengths' environmental efforts. By leveraging J&B's expertise in waste management and recycling, we can help minimise their environmental impact and foster a circular economy.

The main benefits of working with J&B Recycling are the minimal need for oversight and the assurance that our recyclable materials are handled responsibly.

Kelly Laybourne, Operations Manager

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