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In the heart of Hartlepool stands WetRockNRide, a beacon of cycling passion. For at least 10-years, this family-run business has worked in partnership with J&B Recycling, reflecting a shared commitment to sustainability and community values.

At the core of WetRockNRide are Paul and Jackie, a husband and wife duo, along with their son Liam. Together, they've not only built a business but also nurtured a community around their love for cycling. Their venture goes beyond selling bikes; it's about promoting a lifestyle where recreation and healthy competition coexist harmoniously. Their motto, "Enjoy life, Ride more," encapsulates this ethos perfectly.

WetRockNRide's partnership with J&B Recycling began out of a need for responsible waste management. With a small general waste bin and a larger recycling bin provided by J&B Recycling, they can confidently manage the significant amount of cardboard waste generated from their bike packaging. The reliable and friendly service from J&B Recycling ensures that WetRockNRide's waste is handled responsibly, aligning with their commitment to reuse and recycle wherever possible.

The story of WetRockNRide is interwoven with their passion for cycling. Paul, Jackie, and particularly Liam, are not just business owners but avid cyclists themselves. They actively participate in competitions, with Liam excelling in the field. Their support extends to local events like the Hamsterly Beast, fostering a community spirit and promoting the sport they love.

In their workshop, the expertise of WetRockNRide shines through. They are not just retailers but craftsmen and specialists. From custom bike wraps to maintenance, they handle a range of services, including working with top brands like Scott and GT Bikes. Their workshop staff, trained by Cytech, ensures that every bike that leaves their store is not just a product but a piece of art crafted with precision and care.

The COVID-19 pandemic posed significant challenges, but the resilience and hard work of this family have seen the business bounce back stronger. Their commitment to providing the best quality bikes and customer service never wavered, even in the toughest of times.

WetRockNRide is more than a bike shop; it's a testament to a family's dedication to their craft, their community, and the environment. Their partnership with J&B Recycling is a crucial part of this journey, ensuring that as they help their customers enjoy life and ride more, they do so in a way that is sustainable and mindful of the planet. This story is not just about a business; it's about a family's heart, soul, and wheels in motion, all geared towards a better, greener future.

We are extremely proud to work with J&B another Hartlepool born Business. We like to cycle and you to recycle it’s a great partnership.

Paul Manuel, Director WetRockNRide Ltd

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