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Leah Frater's Work Experience at J&B Recycling


Leah Frater, a lecturer from Hartlepool College of Further Education, recently took part in a work placement scheme with the marketing team here at J&B Recycling. Having always worked in education, Leah aimed to get a better understanding of industry trends to better support her students in their future careers.

Not only did Leah gain invaluable expertise in marketing, but she also discovered a profound appreciation for recycling. Let's delve into Leah's inspiring work experience and how her educational background made a positive impact on the marketing team at J&B Recycling.

Embracing Industry Insights

For Leah, stepping out of her familiar educational environment and into the realm of marketing was both exciting and a little bit daunting. However, she embraced the opportunity with an open mind and eagerness to learn. Throughout her time at J&B Recycling, Leah absorbed valuable knowledge about marketing strategies, audience engagement, and the importance of sustainable practices. Witnessing the seamless integration of marketing efforts with environmental responsibility sparked a newfound passion within her.

Unveiling the World of Recycling

As Leah delved deeper into her work experience, she began to explore the world of recycling from an entirely different perspective. Witnessing the day-to-day operations at J&B Recycling shed light on the intricacies of waste management and the significant impact it has on the environment. This eye-opening experience instilled in Leah a profound understanding of the urgent need for sustainable practices and the vital role education plays in fostering positive change. As she completed her placement, Leah commented that she will aim to incorporate information about recycling and waste management into her curriculum to help improve students awareness.

Empowering Education and Marketing Synergy

Leah's background in education became a catalyst for collaboration. Drawing from her extensive expertise, she supported the marketing team at J&B Recycling in developing educational materials that better resonate with educators. By bridging the gap between recycling knowledge and classroom resources, Leah contributed to enhancing the company's outreach to schools, colleges, and universities. Through her efforts, J&B Recycling now aims to empower educators with the tools and information needed to inspire the next generation of environmentally conscious citizens. We have developed a Resources section for businesses and educators on our website, which we will work hard to fill with information, downloads, games… and much more, in the coming months and years.

Impacting the Future

Leah's work experience at J&B Recycling not only enriched her professional skillset but also left an indelible mark on her personal outlook. Armed with newfound knowledge and passion, Leah is determined to infuse her teaching with a fresh perspective on recycling and sustainable practices. Her students will undoubtedly benefit from her first-hand experiences and authentic understanding of the importance of environmental responsibility. Likewise, J&B Recycling will benefit from a lasting partnership with Leah and the team at Hartlepool College.

Watch Leah's video to get a first hand account of her experience:

If your business is interested in sending someone along for some industry experience, or to gain a better understanding of recycling and the waste management process, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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