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J&B Recycling's Fleet Paving the Way for Sustainable Waste Management


J&B Recycling has taken significant strides in upgrading its fleet of vehicles throughout 2023 to enhance efficiency and reduce carbon emissions, a move that underscores the company's commitment to environmental sustainability.


In 2023, five vehicles in the J&B Recycling fleet were adapted to incorporate FuelActive®, a cutting-edge technology designed to deliver cleaner fuel to engines. FuelActive works by drawing fuel from just below the surface of the fuel tank, avoiding contaminants like water, sediment, and diesel bug that typically settle at the bottom. This innovative system ensures only clean fuel enters the fuel lines, reducing the costly effects of fuel contamination and maintaining factory-level emissions standards throughout the vehicle's lifecycle.

The inclusion of FuelActive in J&B Recycling's fleet is significantly enhancing the thermal efficiency of the engines and reducing fuel consumption. This not only aligns with the company's green initiatives but also promises long-term cost savings.

Another two vehicles are scheduled to be fitted with FuelActive later this month (January 2024), with plans to equip the entire fleet by the end of 2024.

Euro 6 Compliant

All of J&B Recycling's fleet is compliant with the Euro 6 specification, the current highest standard in engine efficiency. The Euro 6 specification refers to a set of European Union standards that dictate the maximum number of certain pollutants that new vehicles are allowed to emit. For a diesel to be Euro 6 compliant it cannot emit more than 80mg/km of NOx gases, while a petrol car can emit no more than 60mg/km.

Vehicle Replacement Program

Newer vehicles are typically more fuel-efficient due to advancements in technology, leading to lower carbon emissions and reduced operational costs, therefore J&B Recycling operates a vehicle replacement program.

Newer vehicles also tend to incur fewer maintenance and repair costs, enhancing overall operational efficiency. They also tend to be more reliable, which minimises the likelihood of breakdowns and service disruptions, and they come equipped with advanced safety features, thereby reducing the risk of accidents. Furthermore, the incorporation of advanced technology in newer vehicles, such as GPS tracking and fuel management systems, optimises route planning and enhances operational efficiency.

In 2023, J&B Recycling undertook the replacement of its two oldest vehicles, and it has plans to continue this renewal by introducing two more vehicles to the fleet by mid-2024. Additionally, the company has invested in three fitters/maintenance fleet vans, replacing three older ones. This upgrade is part of the company's broader strategy announced in 2020 to maintain a modern, efficient fleet.

Commitment to Driver Training

At J&B Recycling, the commitment to enhancing operations extends beyond vehicle upgrades and technological innovations. A key focus of the company is on driver training, with a special emphasis on Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving (SAFED). This training program is dedicated to instilling safer driving habits, which not only contribute to increased fuel efficiency and carbon reduction, but also significantly enhance driver safety.

In June 2023, J&B Recycling took a further step in this commitment by having all drivers participate in CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) classes. These classes were specially designed to cover aspects of fuel-efficient driving and vehicle safety, providing drivers with the knowledge and skills necessary for responsible and efficient operation. This training is not a one-time event but an annual requirement, ensuring that all drivers are consistently up-to-date with the best practices in driving and vehicle operation.

Regular Maintenance

By instituting a comprehensive preventative maintenance program, where every vehicle in the fleet undergoes a thorough inspection every six weeks, J&B Recycling ensures that its vehicles are always in top condition. These inspections, comparable to mini MOTs, are carried out by the respective vehicle providers, such as Mercedes for Mercedes vehicles. This choice of service provider ensures that the maintenance is conducted by technicians who are intimately familiar with the specific make and model of each vehicle, thereby guaranteeing a high standard of service.

This preventative approach to maintenance is important for several reasons. Firstly, well-maintained vehicles typically consume less fuel and emit fewer pollutants, contributing to J&B Recycling’s environmental goals. This aligns with the company's broader commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices.

It also helps in identifying and addressing potential issues before they escalate into major problems, thereby avoiding unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs. Regular maintenance checks also ensure that all vehicle components, including engines, brakes, and safety systems, are operating correctly, which is crucial for the safety of the drivers and the general public.

Additionally, these routine checks play a significant role in prolonging the lifespan of the vehicles. By ensuring that each vehicle is serviced and maintained according to the manufacturer's recommendations, J&B Recycling can keep its fleet running efficiently for longer periods, thus maximising its investment in the fleet.

Route Optimisation

At J&B Recycling, route optimisation is a key strategy in our quest to enhance operational efficiency and reduce environmental impact. Our transport team analyse our routes every week, striving to find the most efficient paths for our fleet. This isn't just about finding the shortest distance between two points; it involves a deep understanding of traffic patterns, road conditions, and customer locations to ensure that each journey is as efficient as possible.

This careful planning means our trucks spend less time on the road, which directly translates to less fuel consumption. By using less fuel, we're not only saving costs but also significantly cutting down our carbon emissions. In a world where environmental consciousness is increasingly important, this reduction in carbon footprint is something we take very seriously at J&B Recycling. It's part of our commitment to being a responsible and sustainable company in our industry.

But there's more to it than just being eco-friendly. Efficient routing also helps us provide better service to our customers. By optimising our routes, we ensure timely collections and deliveries, which keeps our customers happy and our operations running smoothly. It’s a win-win situation – we reduce our environmental impact while improving our service quality.

The Future

While J&B Recycling is keen on adopting electric vehicles for its fleet, current technology limitations, particularly regarding range, pose a challenge. Electric collection vehicles currently offer a range of only about 40 miles, which is significantly less than the 300 miles per day that J&B's vehicles typically cover. Until the technology advances to meet their operational needs, J&B Recycling continues to explore and implement the best available options to maintain an efficient, eco-friendly fleet.

J&B Recycling are an award-winning waste management company based in the North of England. Our commercial collection services operate from the Scottish Borders down to Hull and North Yorkshire. Our main areas for collecting and processing commercial waste include Teesside (Darlington, Hartlepool Middlesbrough,Stockton), Durham, Gateshead, Newcastle, Sunderland, North Tyneside and Northumberland.

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