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Why Is It Important To Recycle Your Business Waste?

Recycling is something that we should all be participating in to do our bit for the environment, however, the decision to recycle should not stop at home. Waste minimisation or reduction for a business is key to maximising efficiency. Recycling within your business though is just as beneficial as it is in a residential setting. So how does recycling benefit your business?

Recycling benefits a business as it may reduce their raw material costs, decreases waste disposal costs thereby maximising profitability, and helps reduce the company’s carbon footprint. Every year, recycling becomes more and more prominent, mainly due to the more learning and knowledge we gain around the topic. Whether it’s for financial benefit or environmental benefits, J&B Recycling believe that any business can benefit from the implementation of better waste management practices.

Recycling reduces a company’s carbon footprint.

It is without question that recycling is of incredible environmental benefit. In discussion of green initiatives and carbon footprints, it is crucial that businesses take the necessary steps to reduce their contribution to this global issue. In ensuring your business secures a waste management provider with the appropriate outlets and facilities, you can greatly reduce the company’s carbon footprint. In recycling materials, you are simultaneously reducing energy costs as more often than not the use of recycled materials is more energy efficient than using virgin raw materials. As well as this, consumers are much more likely to show interest in companies that have a solid green initiative and recycling plan in place.

Recycling minimises landfill and maximises savings.

With more and more environmental pressure being placed on landfill sites, it’s not surprising that the cost to businesses of sending their waste to landfill is on the rise too. As tax increases on sending business waste to landfill, the more that is recycled, the more money your business will save.

Minimising Energy from Waste (EfW) disposal and maximising savings

If waste isn’t recycled it may end up for disposal at Energy from Waste sites instead. This is more expensive than recycling and is also a less environmentally option. The “Waste Hierarchy” which is written into UK duty of care legislation requires business to recycle their waste before it is disposed of.

Keeping your office tidy and odour free.

The premises of many businesses can benefit from a more pleasant and hygienic environment through obtaining waste management systems. With food waste composters, plastic bottles and can containers, paper waste containers and liquid waste disposals, it’s rare that a workplace will become laden with overflowing bin bags and disgusting odours. Therefore, ensuring waste management on your premises will not only ensure your waste is recycled, it will also ensure better organisation and hygiene too.

Make sure you don’t ignore your social responsibility.

When it comes to environmental issues, there is such a thing as bad publicity. When things in your business are going well, the last thing you need is a portfolio of negative publicity around the lack of social responsibility in your business. Because the environment is high on many agendas, your business must be seen to be doing its bit. Recycling is a topic that many unite on and it can be quickly perceived negatively if your businesses cares more about self-gain and profit over environmental issues.

Comply with regulations and legislation.

It may be that your business is only interested in profit and self-gain. There are however, regulations in place in order to ensure businesses do not neglect moral responsibilities. As well as tax fees on landfill waste, increasing costs of energy recovery, the waste hierarchy is in place to help business waste make as little impact on the environment as possible.

Does your business need to invest in waste management to ensure your environmental responsibilities are fulfilled, contact J&B Recycling today for a quote!

J&B Recycling are based in the North of England. Our commercial collection services operate from the Scottish Borders down to Hull and North Yorkshire. Our main areas for collecting and processing commercial waste include Teesside (Darlington, Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, Stockton), Durham, Gateshead, Newcastle, Sunderland, North Tyneside and Northumberland.

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