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Wheelie bins - recycling and general waste

What is Commercial Waste?

Commercial waste refers to any waste that is produced by a business. Whether the business refers to an office, a trade site, a university or an entertainment venue, all of the waste that is collected by such establishments is to be labelled as commercial waste.

All waste must be transferred legally, therefore businesses have a responsibility to know how their waste is collected and disposed of.

Corporate Responsibilities

Commercial waste is categorised as a ‘controlled waste’. Businesses have a duty to ensure that any waste produced by them is handled safely and within the law. This ‘Duty of care’ applies to anyone who produces controlled waste. There are large financial penalties, and potential bad publicity as a result, for the failure to do so.

The Authorities can order the offenders, including the original waste producer, to pay for costs incurred in removing waste that has been illegally deposited, such as on land without the correct permit, such as flytiping. Vehicles being used to commit an offence, e.g. carrying controlled waste without a waste carriers licence, can also be seized. The reason it is a legal requirement to correctly dispose of commercial waste is that can be extremely detrimental to the environment if not done properly.

If the commercial waste from a business establishment is not correctly disposed of, it can cause soil and water contamination, litter, damage to ecosystems and contribute to climate change. It can also be dangerous for those who might come into contact with it e.g. children, wildlife, or even workers at permitted waste facilities if it’s the wrong type of waste.

For more information about your responsibilities and the penalties involved in not properly disposing of your commercial waste, visit

How do I dispose of my commercial waste correctly?

There are many ways to correctly discard your commercial waste. The most effective way is to dispose of your commercial waste through a reliable and reputable waste management company. As well as this, you can…

Keep your waste to a minimum. Reducing waste production in the first place is the most effective and environmentally friendly solution for your business.

Provide separate bins for recyclable and non-recyclable waste. Your waste management company might be able to provide bins and provide training so that your staff understand what can and can’t be recycled. At J&B Recycling we can conduct a full audit of your business waste and advise on the best solution. We can also provide training for existing customers.

Work with local charities and provide food waste bins. Working with a local food bank or charity that helps to feed families in need is a great way ensure less waste while also helping your local community. Alternatively, businesses could also operate designated food waste bins in order to reduce their “general waste” production.

Secure storage. Commercial waste must also be stored securely. Appropriate storage containers, labelled clearly, will be provided by your waste management provider to ensure this. They must also be suitable for all weather conditions so that the recyclable waste is not damaged - damaged materials cannot always be recovered in the recycling process and could contaminate other materials.

Select a good quality, well-regulated waste management provider. Ensuring you select your waste management provider carefully is crucial in guaranteeing your business will meet the legal requirements of commercial waste disposal.

J&B Recycling offer commercial waste management solutions for all business sectors. Our focus is maximising recycling, even when it comes to general waste disposal, and minimising waste into landfills. Our advanced recycling facilities ensure we save our customers money, time and hassle, whilst maximising a positive impact on the environment. This is an excellent way for a business to improve their social responsibilities.

As a renowned recycling company in the North East, J&B Recycling sites are licensed by the Environment Agency and we are a registered waste carrier. We hold certifications such as COTC Level 4 in Waste Management Operations, CPC in Road Transport, IOSH Managing Safety and other general management qualifications.

J&B Recycling are based in the North of England. Our commercial collection services operate from the Scottish Borders down to Hull and North Yorkshire. Our main areas for collecting and processing commercial waste include Teesside (Darlington, Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, Stockton), Durham, Gateshead, Newcastle, Sunderland, North Tyneside and Northumberland. Get in touch for more information and to request a quote.

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