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J&B Recycling Knowledge

Plastic Packaging Recycling and Disposal

J&B Recycling can recover and recycle a variety of plastics including films, shrink wrap, bags, plastic bottles, plastic packaging, drums, IBCs and bulk bags. These can come from a variety of sources including retail, warehousing, plastic parts manufacturers and Local Authority kerbside and bringbank schemes.

A significant amount of the plastic food packaging that J&B Recycling recover is reprocessed back into food-grade plastic materials. Once J&B have recovered, sorted and or baled the plastics they are then sent to reprocessors for further sorting, shredding, washing, melting and pelletising, or flaking or so that they can remoulded into new products.

J&B can recycle the following plastics: (Please note this is just a guide and depends on how the waste plastic is collected, you will need to check with J&B or your waste collecter for specific information)

Polyethylene terephthalate - e.g. Fizzy drink, bottles, water bottles and trays

High-density polyethylene – e.g. Bottles for milk and washing-up liquids, Drums, IBC inners and wheelie bins

Polyvinyl chloride – e.g. Squash bottles, shampoos, hand creams, other beauty products and plastic window frames and doors

Low density polyethylene – e.g. some carrier bags, pallet wrap and clear plastic bags

Polypropylene – e.g. Margarine tubs, food trays, car parts, and dense packaging

Polystyrene – Yoghurt pots and vending cups

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