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Eco Friendly Easter

How to have an Eco-Friendly Easter

Easter is a time of celebration, and it's also an opportunity to make environmentally conscious choices to reduce our impact on the planet. Here are some tips for having an eco-friendly Easter:

Make Your Own Easter Treats

Consider making your own Easter treats, such as chocolates or sweets, at home using ingredients that are not packaged in plastic. You can find lots of great recipes online and create delicious treats without the plastic waste from store-bought options.

Recycle Plastic Eggs

If you use plastic eggs for Easter egg hunts, make sure to collect and reuse them for future celebrations. If they are no longer usable, check if they are accepted for recycling in your local area. If so, clean and dry them before placing them in the recycling bin.

Recycle Cardboard Boxes

Many Easter treats come in cardboard boxes. Remember to flatten and recycle these boxes, along with other cardboard packaging materials, such as egg cartons and gift boxes. Just make sure they are clean and free of any food debris.

Avoid Single-Use Plastic Packaging

Pay attention to the packaging of Easter treats and decorations. Choose products with minimal or no plastic packaging and avoid single-use plastic items such as astro turf (plastic grass) or plastic wrappers. Look for brands that use sustainable packaging materials or choose bulk options to reduce plastic waste.

Use Eco-Friendly Tableware

If you're hosting an Easter meal or gathering, avoid using disposable plastic tableware, such as plates, cups, and cutlery. Instead, opt for reusable tableware made from materials like glass, ceramic, or stainless steel. if disposable options are necessary, use paper or wood from sustainable sources.

Compost Food Waste

If you have leftover food scraps from Easter meals, consider composting them instead of throwing them in the bin. Composting is a great way to turn food waste into nutrient-rich soil for your garden.

Dispose of Wrappers Properly

If you have chocolate or sweet wrappers, be sure to dispose of them properly. Many sweet wrappers are not recyclable in your recycling bin at home due to their small size or mixed materials. Be sure to check the label to see if they can be sent off to a specialist scheme – or better still, try making treats yourself at home!

Participate in Outdoor Activities

Easter is a great time to connect with nature and enjoy outdoor activities. Consider organising an outdoor Easter egg hunt in a local park or natural setting and encourage participants to respect nature by avoiding trampling on vegetation or disturbing wildlife.

Educate Others

Spread the word about the importance of reducing plastic waste at Easter and encourage others to join in your efforts. Educate your family, friends, and community about the benefits of eco-friendly practices and inspire them to make sustainable choices during Easter celebrations and beyond. There are lots more articles with information and advice in our J&B Knowledge archives.

Let's make this Easter a sustainable one by practicing responsible recycling and reducing our environmental impact. Together, we can make a positive difference for our planet. Have a happy and eco-friendly Easter!

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