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General Waste Recycling and Management

J&B are totally committed to providing a quality, licensed and fully audited waste management service to all our clients, through the provision and application of technology and trained personnel to discharge client’s obligations to reduce waste into the environment. Our aim is to minimise the impact of Legislation on our customers through providing an integrated solution for their waste and recycling requirements.

Our MRFs have an important part to play in treating customer’s waste, their role is to provide quality recyclables in volume at least cost. Mixed waste will be treated at one of our facilities to recover the recyclable elements which will then be processed further. The remaining non recyclable residue will then either be converted to energy or landfilled as appropriate. We have the vehicles and facilities to collect recycle, recover, and compost a variety of materials using a variety of containers from wheelie bins to roll on off hooklift containers.

It is in the best interests of J&B both from an environmental aspect and a cost benefit situation to keep land fill disposal at a minimum to protect void space for the future, thus placing a greater emphasis on recycling wherever possible. Our overall objective therefore is one of providing an efficient and environmentally sound solution to waste management needs. The aim is to recover the highest amount of recyclable material from waste, where economically viable, hence minimising the amount of our customer’s waste that is sent for energy recovery, with landfill being our last choice of disposal method.

J&B are able to offer our customers a "Zero Waste to Landfill" solution as all of their waste will either be recycled or any non recyclable/residual waste will be disposed at Energy from Waste (EfW) facilities. The only exception to this being some hazardous wastes such as Asbestos for which there is no other economically or environmentally viable alternative solution. Where J&B manage all of a customer's waste and can demonstrate such we will issue a certificate declaring their achievement of "Zero Waste to Landfill", as well as this, we are also able to provide waste facilities and general waste bins.

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