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Cardboard Removal and Recycling

Cardboard Removal and Recycling

Business owners and managers are increasingly recognising the importance of recycling and waste management as part of their environmental policy. Recycling cardboard is just one example of good recycling practice, but it is an important one – especially in the office environment.

Is cardboard easy to recycle?

Cardboard is one of the more straightforward materials to recycle and is widely accepted in most kerbside recycling programs. Composed primarily of cellulose fibers, cardboard can be broken down, pulped, and reconstituted into new cardboard or paper products multiple times before the fibres become too short for further recycling. 

The recycling process involves breaking down cardboard into fibres, removing any contaminants such as staples or tape, and then mixing it with water to create a slurry. This slurry is then formed into new sheets and dried to produce fresh cardboard. While it's crucial to keep cardboard free from contaminants like food residue or excessive moisture to ensure efficient recycling, overall, its inherent properties and the established recycling infrastructure make cardboard relatively easy to recycle.

Can’t I just burn my cardboard waste?

When it comes to burning waste, it is only considered a good alternative to recycling if it provides an efficient fuel. Burning cardboard does not provide this! Also, it is not an environmentally friendly option because it can release harmful chemicals into the air, particularly if you are burning coloured cardboard that contains more chemicals. Cardboard waste that is burned and not recycled means that a reusable resource is wasted.

Will recycling cardboard benefit my business?

Absolutely! Recycling cardboard can bring many benefits to your business. Financially, by recycling cardboard, businesses can often reduce waste disposal costs, as it can be cheaper to recycle than to dispose of as 'general waste'. Many local authorities or waste management companies even offer rebates for large volumes of clean cardboard. 

Environmentally, recycling cardboard lowers the demand for virgin wood pulp, thereby conserving trees and reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with deforestation and the manufacturing of new cardboard. This eco-friendly practice can enhance your business's sustainability profile, appealing to environmentally-conscious consumers and partners. Furthermore, by showcasing a commitment to sustainability, your business can build a positive brand image, foster customer loyalty, and even gain a competitive edge. Adopting recycling practices can also foster a sense of corporate responsibility among employees, boosting morale and reinforcing company values.

What should I do before recycling my cardboard waste?

It is important to ensure that all cardboard waste is clean and dry before recycling. Anything that has been contaminated with food waste, such as a pizza box, will be not recyclable. Any excess tape or stickers should be removed from the cardboard you wish to recycle, and it should be flattened and packed as flat as possible.

What if I have a large amount of cardboard to recycle?

With a large amount of carboard waste to be recycled, J&B Recycling can assess your needs and will advise you on a range of collection storage, disposal and legal issues.

J&B Recycling can deal with all types of cardboard waste including corrugated cardboard (old KLS, OCC), hardmix, coloured card, scanboard and beverage cartons such as Tetra Pak.

We have guaranteed markets for all these materials because of the quality of material we supply, this is due to our effective sorting process at our site which separates any mixed materials we receive into separate grades, plus the long-term relationship we have developed with a number of key repressors in the UK and abroad.

J&B Recycling provide waste management solutions for business across the North of England. Our main Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) is based in Hartlepool and we have a second site in Middlesbrough, making us ideally placed for collections across Teesside (Hartlepool, Stockton, Middlesbrough and Darlington). We also have a site in Washington and we operate established collection routes throughout Durham, Gateshead, Newcastle, Sunderland, North Tyneside and Northumberland. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if we can help with your waste collection.

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