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Catcote Academy School Visit

Recycle Week 2023: J&B Recycling’s Engaging Initiatives


Recycle Week 2023 marked a special milestone for J&B Recycling, as we embarked on a series of engaging and educational initiatives aimed at promoting recycling awareness in our community. This year, we focused on involving both the younger generation and the general public in understanding the importance and processes of effective recycling.

Welcoming the Future: Students Tour the MRF

A highlight of the week was welcoming local students for tours of our Materials Recovery Facility (MRF). This hands-on experience provided the students with a real-world view of how recycling works, the technology involved, and the crucial role it plays in environmental conservation. These tours were not just educational but also an opportunity to inspire these young minds about the importance of sustainability.

School Assemblies: Educating the Young

In our commitment to educational outreach, we visited several local schools to deliver assembly talks. These interactive sessions were designed to educate students about the basics of recycling, its benefits, and how they can contribute to a more sustainable future. The response from the students was enthusiastic, indicating a growing interest in environmental issues among the younger generation.

Engaging with the Public: Stand at Tesco Superstore

To reach a wider audience, we set up an information stand at our local Tesco Superstore in Hartlepool. This initiative proved to be a resounding success. Throughout the day, many people engaged with us, eager to learn more about recycling. They asked various questions, showing a keen interest in understanding how to recycle better and the impact it has on the environment.

Community Engagement

Catcote Academy: A Dual Experience

Catcote Academy had the unique opportunity to enjoy both an assembly talk and a tour of the MRF. The students showed great enthusiasm in learning about recycling processes and were particularly intrigued by the workings of the MRF. This dual approach of classroom learning and practical experience helped reinforce the recycling message effectively.

Catcote Academy MRF Tour

A Visit from Sandringham Autism Unit

We were also honoured to host adults from the Sandringham Autism Unit. Despite the challenging weather conditions, they bravely visited our facility to gain insights into the journey of recycling waste after it leaves the kerbside. Their interest and engagement were truly inspiring, reflecting a community-wide commitment to better recycling practices.

Conclusion: A Week of Successful Awareness Raising

Recycle Week 2023 was more than just an event for J&B Recycling; it was a significant step in our ongoing journey to promote recycling and sustainability. By involving students, educators, and the general public, we have fostered a deeper understanding and appreciation for recycling. We believe that these interactions will contribute to more effective recycling practices and a greener future for our community.

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