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National Apprenticeship Week 2024 at J&B Recycling: Izzy's Journey


As we mark National Apprenticeship Week 2024, J&B Recycling is thrilled to spotlight the invaluable experiences and learnings of our marketing apprentice, Izzy. Embarking on a mission to delve deeper into the operations of our recycling facility, Izzy's journey through various departments has not only broadened her understanding of our processes but also showcased the diverse career opportunities within the waste management industry.

Day 1: Weighbridge Operations

Izzy's adventure began on the weighbridge, which marks the starting point for vehicles entering and exiting our facility. Under the mentorship of Tilly, a seasoned weighbridge operator, she learned the importance of coordinating with forklift drivers and managing essential paperwork. This experience provided Izzy with a good understanding of the operational flow and the significance of accuracy in our daily operations.

Weighbridge Operations
Weighbridge Operations: Izzy & Tilly

Day 2: Health and Safety Audit

The following day, Izzy paired up with Reece, one of our health and safety officers. She was introduced to the meticulous world of monthly safety audits at our Baltic Street site. Reece guided her through the important aspects of ensuring workplace safety, from keeping fire exits clear to inspecting personal protective equipment (PPE). This insight underlined the importance of maintaining a safe working environment for all employees.

Health and Safety Audit
Health and Safety Audit : Izzy and Reece

Day 3: Insights into Accounts

Diving into the financial heartbeat of J&B Recycling, Izzy spent her third day with our accounts team. She was immersed in various tasks, such as managing credit, processing payments, and addressing supplier concerns. This opportunity illuminated the crucial role of the accounts department in sustaining the financial health of our operations.

Insights into Accounts
Accounts: Victoria, Izzy, Dawn and Farhat

Day 4: Quality Control

Izzy's journey continued with Craig, one of our Quality Control Inspectors. She learned about the rigorous processes involved in ensuring the materials we receive and process meet our high standards. Craig's role in conducting daily audits to monitor contamination rates highlighted the importance of quality control in waste management, ensuring the sustainability of our operations.

Quality Control
Quality Control: Izzy and Craig

Day 5: Operations Management

Concluding her week, Izzy shadowed Phil, one of our shift managers. Phil's oversight of the plant's operations 24/7 shed light on the complexity of managing machinery and personnel to maintain seamless operations. His commitment to safety and quality control underscored the meticulous attention required to ensure the highest standards are met, contributing to our sustainability goals.

Operations Management
Operations Management: Phil and Izzy

Inspiring the Next Generation

Izzy's journey through National Apprenticeship Week 2024 at J&B Recycling not only enriched her understanding of the waste management industry but also highlighted the diverse opportunities available for young individuals seeking rewarding careers. Apprenticeships, such

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