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Mark Sunderland

J&B Recycling awarded Sunderland Council contract


J&B Recycling has been awarded a further contract that extends the work the company has been doing to process Sunderland City Council’s household recycling.

The contract will commence on 1 April 2021 when the original contract ends.

The co-mingled recyclables and separated paper contract, which produces on average 19,000 tonnes a year, has been with J&B Recycling since April 2015 and hopes to continue reducing contamination in Sunderland’s kerbside collections, providing an efficient service with maximum recycling output.

Mark Penny, Commercial Manager at J&B Recycling, said: “We’re looking forward to continuing our work with Sunderland Council. Our close relationship over the past five years has enabled a continually reduced contamination level in recycling with Sunderland putting a lot of focus on reducing contamination via engagement with residents.”

Even over the past 12 months contamination has reduced from 18.3% down to 15.5% with the aim to be consistently below 15% for the next 12 months.

In 2019 J&B Recycling opened a new recycling centre in Monument Park, Pattinson Industrial Estate in Washington to receive deliveries of Sunderland Council’s kerbside recyclables as well as having the potential to act as a delivery point for other recycling contracts.

The new site created two new jobs and safeguarded one existing job minimises the distance that needs to be travelled by Sunderland Council vehicles.

The co-mingled material is processed at J&B’s Material Recycling Facility (MRF) in Hartlepool, where 135,000 tonnes of mixed waste is processed each year. The MRF is an industry leading high tech facility, recognised nationally for its exceptionally efficient processing that produces the highest quality materials.

Ongoing upgrades of the most advanced plant equipment on offer to the waste industry add flexibility and continue to increase the amount of recyclable materials that can be processed at this facility.

A £7.5m investment from the Business Growth Fund (BGF) in 2014 enabled the business to accelerate its growth plans with nine major upgrades being undertaken in the last five years, resulting in a 200% uplift in processing capacity.

The Hartlepool-based waste management firm specialises in the receipt, haulage and processing of co-mingled recyclables from a number of local authorities already including North Tyneside Council, Newcastle City Council, Scottish Borders Council, Hull City Council and Craven Council. For more information on J&B Recycling, please get in touch here.

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