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Hull contract extension JB Bio

J&B Bio Limited SPV Awarded Extension on Hull City Council Waste Management Contracts


J&B Bio Limited SPV, a joint venture between J&B Recycling and Wastewise, both subsidiaries of the Urbaser Group, is proud to announce a 5-year extension of their existing contracts with Hull City Council, extending the partnership until 31st March 2030. This decision marks a continuation of the successful waste management services J&B Bio has provided since the commencement of the original 10-year contract in April 2015.

J&B Bio holds two contracts with the Council. The first focuses on handling recyclable household materials from around 112,000 residences in Hull. Annually, this entails managing 22,000 tonnes of materials, including cans, glass, plastic bottles, newspapers, and cardboard. The process involves the collection of these recyclables by Hull City Council vehicles, their consolidation at a local transfer station, and subsequent collection and transport by J&B Bio for sorting at J&B Recycling's facilities in Hartlepool.

Vikki Jackson-Smith, Managing Director of J&B Recycling is delighted that the contract has been extended. She said, "This extension of our contracts with Hull City Council marks a significant milestone for J&B Recycling. Our collaborative efforts with Wastewise and the council have yielded remarkable results. We are thrilled to continue this journey, furthering our positive impact on environmental sustainability and community well-being. Our focus remains on innovating and improving our recycling processes, ensuring the highest standards of service for the residents of Hull."

The second contract extension includes the processing of garden and kitchen waste. Wastewise, will handle approximately 20,000 tonnes of organic waste annually at their in-vessel composting (IVC) facility in Willerby, converting it into high-quality compost for horticultural and agricultural use.

Bob Wilkes, Managing Director of Wastewise, commented, "We are immensely proud to continue our partnership with Hull City Council alongside J&B Recycling. This contract extension is a testament to our joint commitment to sustainable waste management and our dedication to the community. Wastewise remains committed to delivering efficient, environmentally friendly waste processing solutions and we look forward to further enhancing our services and contributing to the region's green initiatives."

Waste Wise
From left to right: Paul Thomas (Waste Contracts & Strategy Manager, Hull City Council), Bob Wilkes (Managing Director, Wastewise), Doug Sharp (Head of Street Cleansing & Waste Management, Hull City Council).

Since the initial contract, J&B Bio has provided uninterrupted and high-quality waste management services. The collaboration has led to significant improvements in material quality, including better compaction levels, lower moisture content, and reduced contamination.

Doug Sharp, Head of Street Cleansing and Waste Management at Hull City Council, said: “We are absolutely delighted to extend our contracts with J&B Bio for another five years. Both contracts have continued to deliver high-performing services that support the council’s environmental priorities. We look forward to continuing our ongoing partnership.”

Drawing on the combined strengths and experience of J&B Recycling and Wastewise, J&B Bio is positioned to provide innovative waste management solutions across England and Scotland, demonstrating a strong commitment to sustainable practices.

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