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Christmas Waste

Five tips on recycling your winter waste 


J&B Recycling is  offering some tips and  urging people to think  about  their recycling as  we  gear up for  the  busiest period of the year. 

Over the Christmas period we generate 30% more waste than usual, and  a higher percentage ends up in the  recycling  bins over the holidays than during the rest of the year. 

J&B Recycling will sort through thousands of extra tonnes of cardboard, glass bottles and other packaging.

Mark Penny, Commercial Manager at J&B Recycling, said: “The remit for our business is to  recycle as much as possible,  Christmas time is always  a  challenge because of the sheer volumes  of waste produced - that’s where the public and our customers can help.”    

Wrapping paper/packaging   

One of the most common mistakes J&B  finds  in the  recycling  bins  around this time of the year  is gift wrap. Much of the glossy or laminated wrapping paper  can’t be recycled,  neither can many of the ribbons.  Only paper gift wrap can be recycled.    

Its straight forward to check, try to scrunch up the paper into a ball.  If it scrunches, and stays scrunched, it can probably be recycled.  If it bounces back, then it definitely cannot.

If  you've bought recycled wrapping paper in the first place, it can  most likely  be recycled again.   

Remove any  plastic bags and polystyrene from inside cardboard boxes before putting them in the recycling bin.   

Food waste    

The UK throws away more than 4 million tonnes of perfectly edible food during December,  which is a huge waste of the energy, water and packaging used in its production, transportation and storage. 

Unless the council or in the case of businesses, your contractor, provides separate dedicated food waste caddies or bins put food waste in the general waste bin not the mixed recycling bin.

J&B can provide a  food  waste  only collection for businesses via dedicated wheelie bins or in bulk.

If  you do have a separate food waste service make sure you use it as this is the most efficient and environmentally friendly way to dispose of food waste.   


Lots of old electrical goods are thrown out at Christmas as people receive new gifts, particularly items such as hair driers, radios and TVs.  These should never go in general waste bins.    

J&B can provide a range of collection services to businesses for WEEE  for  recycling  in a safe, authorised, and environmentally acceptable manner. This can include  large appliances such as  computers, monitors and  TVs or small appliances such as  bulbs, tubes and lamps, and batteries.   

Christmas cards   

Cards are fine to go in your recycling bin, as long as they do not contain glitter; this can harm the recycling process.    

Opt for card-only material when buying Christmas cards and be sure to pop them in your recycling bin for J&B to collect after the festivities.  

Mixed glass   

There is a huge  number  of  mixed glass thrown out around  Christmas  time, with households, bars and pubs producing a substantial amount of glass bottle waste around the festive period.  

At home If you’re having a party don’t tuck your empties inside the cardboard boxes and put them in the recycling, make sure they are separated and go into the right bin so that the sorting machines can do their work. Also, avoid using bottles and cans as ashtrays or for chewing gum.  

J&B provides a glass-only collection service to over 900 business premises, including the  hospitality trade, plus  bring bank a to  local  authorities for glass bottles and jars.  Plus we process thousands of tonnes of kerbside collected glass and mixed recyclables including glass  

If you would like to know more on recycling your waste this Christmas, contact J&B Recycling on  01429 241002 or visit:

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