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FAQ: Bin and Skip Hire Services


As the largest independent waste operator in the North East, we receive a number of enquiries about the services we provide, especially for our bin/skip hire service.

To help answer some of the questions we receive, J&B’s Commercial Manager Mark Penny, has collected together some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) when it comes to waste containers.

How big is the bin/skip?

We have a range of sizes for wheelie bins, skips and larger hooklift containers.

These range from 240L – 1100L, 8-10yd and 18yd – 40yd. We suggest the most appropriate for customer needs, depending on volume, space and optimum frequency.

What days are you in my area for bins?

We operate separate rounds for general waste, dry mixed recycling and glass bottles across the North East of England.

We are in most areas for each type of waste at least once per week and we will advise on frequency based on specific customer location

What happens to the waste?

Depending on the type it will go to one of our own Material Recycling Facilities or an approved third-party site for sorting, recycling and or recovery as energy from waste.

There are certain types of specific waste collected in skips or hooklift that due to their nature have to be disposed of at landfill as unfortunately there is no viable alternative e.g. some types of hazardous waste, certain soils etc.

Will my waste go to landfill?

No for general waste, dry mixed recycling, pre-sorted recyclables and most construction/demolition waste. None of these go direct to landfill! They all go for treatment/sorting first at one of our four well-invested sorting facilities.

Sometimes a there will be very small element of certain waste types or residue from sorting that are either too large, too small, or have properties that make them unsuitable for Recycling or Energy from Waste. For this type of waste, there are no alternatives other than landfill as a last resort.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes. For scheduled services such as weekly bin collections or for permanent skip siting a contract will be required. For temporary work such as one-off skips, we do not require a customer to sign a contract.

How long is the contract for?

The standard minimum term is 12 months; however, we can agree shorter or longer terms on a case by case basis. This will impact on the cost, either increasing or decreasing it respectively.

Can you come to empty the bin/skip at a specific time?

For bins you will be added to a round on a specific date and service which could be any time that day.

If the customer insists on a specific time window(s) for collection, we will advise beforehand if we can accommodate this.

In most cases it will depend on how wide or restrictive the “window(s)” are. Due to the nature of operating a round it will depend on their location within the round as to whether this is possible or not.

How long before my bin/skip is delivered?

For bins it would normally be the following week after signing a contract, however in some cases we may be able to reduce this depending on the circumstances.

For skips it can be on a specified day, with turnaround being as little as the next working day if required.

How can I pay?

For scheduled services such as bins these are invoiced quarterly in advance. Payment can be made by bank transfer, credit/debit card, or cheque each quarter. We can set up a monthly direct debit to split payments into 3 months for each quarter.

For skips these can either be paid in advance or for regular customers they may open a credit account, where approved, for invoicing in arrears.

For further information on J&B Recycling’s skip hire service, or for more information on our other services please visit our official website.

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