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Brougham Primary School tour of materials recycling facility

Children from Brougham Primary School Visit Windermere MRF


In an effort to foster a greener and more sustainable future, J&B Recycling recently welcomed a group of enthusiastic students from Brougham Primary School in Hartlepool to our award-winning Windermere Material Recovery Facility (MRF).

The visit, attended by two "Eco Warriors" from each class spanning Year 1 to 6, aimed to educate the children about the recycling process while emphasising the importance of environmental responsibility. As a company committed to promoting recycling education, J&B Recycling eagerly supports schools in their mission to enlighten and empower the next generation.

Brougham Primary School's commitment to raising environmentally conscious students was exemplified through the selection of two Eco Warriors from each class to attend the tour. These young champions of sustainability embraced their roles with enthusiasm, eager to learn and inspire their peers to become proactive agents of change.

At J&B Recycling's Windermere MRF, the Eco Warriors discovered the intricacies of the recycling journey. From the moment they stepped into the facility, they were immersed in a world of recycling technology and processes. Guided by knowledgeable staff members, the children witnessed first-hand how recyclable materials are sorted, then sent on to be processed and transformed into reusable resources.

J&B Recycling understands the critical role that education plays in promoting recycling and sustainable practices. By welcoming schools to our facilities, we can provide an interactive learning experience that sparks curiosity and encourages responsible environmental stewardship.

During the tour J&B Recycling's staff highlighted the environmental benefits of recycling and how it is a vital tool in building a more sustainable future by conserving resources, reducing pollution, and promoting a circular economy.

In addition to facility tours, J&B Recycling is keen to collaborate with schools in various ways. We offer educational resources, such as informative materials and workshops, to help educators deliver engaging recycling lessons in the classroom. Furthermore, we actively participate in school events, providing speakers and organising interactive activities to reinforce recycling knowledge and inspire students.

Hopefully the visit to J&B Recycling's Windermere MRF has made a positive impact on the children from Brougham Primary School. We hope that they return to their classrooms equipped with newfound knowledge, inspired to spread the message of recycling and sustainability to their peers, families, and the wider community.

If you would like to find out how we can support your school through tours, talks and workshops, please >> Click Here.

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