10 July 2017


Name: Shane Smith

Position: Collections Co-Ordinator

Age: 22

Favourite Sport and Team: Football – I follow football religiously and Manchester United is my team.

Favourite Song: Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now

Favourite Food: Of course it has to be the Teesside delicacy, the mighty Parmo

Favourite TV programme: The Walking Dead

Where is your dream holiday? Galapagos Islands

What do you do in your spare time? After a busy day at J&B there’s nothing better than a few games on the Xbox

How long have you been at the company? Six Months

Describe your typical day at J&B Recycling: My job role includes running the collections team and analysing the department’s performance. I also ensure that collections routes are efficient. My main role is ensuring that all of our customers receive a high level of service.

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