02 May 2017

We speak to J&B Recycling’s longest serving employee Colin John Clark.

Name: Colin John Clark 

Job Title: Trade Services Collector

What was your first job? My first job was working in Robert Lauders Timber Yard when I was 17. 

How long have you been with J&B Recycling? I started in 1991. I don’t remember the month, but it must have been the winter because I remember it being cold. 

What do you like about your job role? I like the fact that you’re left to do your job. I feel like you’re your own boss and I’m trusted to get the job done without constant supervision. I’ve always got on with my boss too. I see them more as friends. 

Strangest thing found while at work? I found a sheep in a bin once. I’ve also found a bag of daggers outside a police station. It was when Cleveland police were doing an amnesty on weapons and they were chucked in the can bin outside the station. When we handed them in the police questioned us about where we got them. 

How have things changed since you started at J&B? When I first started I was working with the coal. I enjoyed it, but remembering humping tonnes of coal around the Moors in the freezing cold, definitely makes the job feel easier now.

Favourite food? My favourite is fish and chips with mushy peas. Sometimes I prefer a bit of curry sauce. 

Favourite sport? I’ve always been fond of football. I’ve been a Newcastle fan for years. I remember the last match I went to was in 2011. Newcastle was 4-0 down and ended up coming back and getting a draw. That was a long time ago and I’m more of an armchair fan now though. 

Favourite film? I don’t really watch films. I much prefer the classic comedies such as ‘Steptoe and Son’ and ‘Last of the Summer Wine.’ 

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