16 May 2017

J&B Recycling was proud to be one of the official sponsors of the Music v Cancer (MvC) ‘Spring Weekender’ fundraising event. 

The MvC event was considered a huge success and thanks to attendees and sponsors such as J&B Recycling, the charity donated £8,078 towards a new family room for Hartlepool Hospital’s Chemotherapy Ward.

The live session concerts were held over two nights to raise money for cancer treatment supplies and detection equipment for the Hartlepool and North Tees Hospital Trust. 

Tony Larkin, Founder of the Music v Cancer charity, said: “Without the support of the local business community through donations and sponsorships of the MvC Live Sessions, the events would simply cease to exist. Vikki Jackson-Smith and her team have been generous supporters of MvC for a number of years now. We hope our relationship with Vikki and her team continues to grow in the years to come.” 

A wide range of artists took to the stage at the Grand Hotel in Hartlepool for the two nights of live sessions including Skinning Living, Z-Star Delta, Leo Napier, Joe Dunwell, Robbie Cavanagh and Paul Liddell.

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