07 December 2017


Back in May we looked at what impact the China’s ‘National Sword’ campaign would have on the UK paper market.


Implemented in April the campaign’s aim was to reduce the import of illegal waste and contaminated products into the country, particularly addressing deliberate smuggling.


There was an increased level of inspections at ports resulting in perfectly legal shipments being delayed. This resulted in a fall in demand and reduction in rates payable in the UK, Europe, and China for cardboard and mixed paper produced in the UK and Ireland.


When the National Sword campaign was introduced the Chinese Government indicated that it would be imposing contamination levels of 0.3% on inputs of commodities into China for recycling next year.


Further reports suggest that this would be changed to 1%, however the latest reports, such as that from www.letsrecycle.com on 24th November, state this will be set at 0.5%. Some waste types have also been banned from being imported into China.


Let’s Recycle state that China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection has signalled that it will take a tough line on the new regulations governing the import of “solid waste”, such as the 1 million tonnes of paper the UK sends to China each year for recycling.


For example, licenses issued to Chinese companies permitting the import of solid waste have become stricter and that household waste plastics, unsorted waste paper, plus waste textile materials are prohibited from import.


The percentage limits for contaminants/contraries which are likely to be allowed next year by China have mainly been set at 0.5% with some exceptions such as non-ferrous scrap metal. The Chinese authorities will also conduct more rigid on-site inspections at importers and continue to strengthen environmental protection to make sure the processing of imported wastes does not pollute the environment or harm human health.


This year J&B Recycling has invested over £500,000 to future-proof its plant equipment and increase capacity at our Material Recycling Facility. This included installing an additional Optical Sorter and Eddy Current Separator to a new fibre recovery line, aimed at achieving the highest quality of recycled products.


The quality of the end product has always been a fundamental part of J&B Recycling’s ethos.  End markets have strict procedures on the import of materials and even though J&B has never had a problem with quality, a part of our continuous improvement program is to ensure the level of quality is correct in preparation to meet future demands from the end markets, which are inevitably going to be even tighter.


The installation back in August allows for a variety of process configurations and can handle different input streams with ease, whether it is fully comingled, comingled without glass, triple or dual stream.


No matter how a Local Authority collects its kerbside we can process it to produce quality end products. J&B are committed to providing the highest quality products giving our customers peace of mind that their materials will be recycled and delivered to sustainable outlets that only accept the highest quality materials.  


To reinforce our commitment we have just placed an order for the next project to further enhance our processing plant investing an additional £270,000 on automated sorting equipment with installation taking place early 2018. This next phase of upgrade will increase our capacity to accept more contracted materials and also help meet any further changes in the demands of buyers such as the Chinese market in the future.



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