23 October 2017

J&B Recycling has celebrated record financials for the financial year ending March 2017, reporting a turnover of £15.7m, increasing gross margin by 159% and an EBITDA increase of 87.2% from 2016. This increase has been through the results of a strategic programme of investment into staff, machinery, process optimisation and a range of new significant contracts.


Over the last year J&B Recycling has been working to increase its efficiency even further and most recently recorded an average of 98% of on-time services across the whole of the business during the last six months.


Vikki Jackson-Smith, Managing Director at J&B Recycling, said: “The past 12 months have been both exciting and very successful for J&B Recycling. On top of our best ever recorded financials, we have also successfully implemented and delivered on our two-year programme of development following our initial investment from the Business Growth Fund.”


In 2014 J&B secured £7.5m from BGF in order to help us expand our operations across the region and increase our processing capacity across the company’s three sites in the North East.


Vikki said: “This financial year sets us up perfectly to move into the next and continue the growth of the company. Over the past few years we have transformed the business, using our investment to ensure we are working at the highest possible quality, environmental and health and safety levels.”


“Significant operational capacity has also been added across our three sites which are now beginning to be better utilised.”


Vikki concluded: “Key to our business has to be our people and ensuring they are continuing to develop through our business. We have made a number of in-house promotions and also continued adding to our team, employing 30 new members of staff over the last year.”


Over the next financial year J&B Recycling will continue optimising its operations and commencing with its next phase of growth through new development of new installations or acquisitions.

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