18 September 2017

The UK’s environment secretary, Michael Gove, has recently announced plans for a renewed waste and resources strategy that will work to reduce the amount of plastic entering our oceans.

The strategy, which will also look to improve incentives for reducing waste and litter, whilst reviewing the penalties available to deal with polluters, is part of the government’s wider ambitions to make the UK a world leader in environmental protection, despite its exit from the European Union.

Mark Penny, Commercial Manager at J&B Recycling said: “I agree with incentivising recycling based on environmental impact over the current weight measurement, but does it mean that the government will subsidise, rather than letting market forces dictate values of recyclables?

“As for Mr Gove’s proposed return and reward schemes, I am not sure how effective it would be. I am yet to be convinced that those people that currently don’t recycle plastic bottles at home or work, or those who litter them on the street, would change their ways and make the effort to return them for the sake of a few pence. Wouldn’t the people who are most likely going to take part in the schemes are those who already recycle anyway?

“Increasing the fixed penalty fine for those who litter on the street on the other hand, I am a massive supporter of. Nothing frustrates me more than seeing people throwing rubbish out of a car window for example, when it is so simple to take it home and put it in the bin. Increasing and strictly enforcing the penalties for those who litter is sure to make people stop and think before they act.”

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