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J&B Recycling was formed with the strategic aim of developing not just another waste management company, but to build a company focussed on the maximisation of recycling rates for all materials that are handled. This was driven by government legislation that supported our belief that there was an ever increasing need for businesses like J&B Recycling to grow and develop.

With the company ethos based upon recycling as its key driver, a strategy of finding guaranteed end markets for materials was pursued prior to any collections or acceptance of waste materials being undertaken. As a result we have secured guaranteed markets, mostly in the UK,  for all the materials that are recycled, thus enabling the development of processes that focus on providing quality products for reprocessing.

Materials we currently recycle and supply for reprocessing include:

The above materials are segregated through various processes undertaken at our Materials Recycling Facility. This enables the segregated material to be physically checked for quality prior to supply to the appropriate reprocessor. Where appropriate, the segregated materials are then baled for ease of storage, handling and transportation.

The recycling process helps to save energy, preserves the earth’s natural resources and relieves pressure on landfill sites. It reduces waste collection costs for businesses and enables Local Authorities to meet targets set out by the government for recycling rates.

Below are some examples of what happens to our recycled materials after collections and how it finds its way back into our lives…


Old Materials


New Materials

Recycling Paper Mill pulps, screens & de-inks Paper, cardboard, loft insulation
Recycling Plastic Sorted by polymer type, washed, granulated Carrier Bags, Drain Pipes, Garden Furniture, Fleece Jackets, Sleeping Bags


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