J&B Recycling can recover and recycle a variety of hard plastics including mixed rigid plastics, offcuts from manufacturing on new UPVC frames, old post consumer UPVC frames  and doors, PVC guttering and downpipes, old wheelie bins and a variety of other hard plastics made from HDPE, Polyropylene (PP), and ABS. These can come from a variety of sources including retail, warehousing, plastic parts manufacturers and the constrcution industry.

Once J&B have recovered, sorted and or baled the plastics they are then sent to reprocessors for further sorting, shredding, washing, melting and pelletising, or flaking or so that they can be made into new products.



UPVC for reprocessing

HDPE Sorted by colour

HDPE sorted by colour

Baled PVC


Baled Rigid Plastics

Mixed Rigid Plastics

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