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Mixed RecyclingJ&B collect and process at our Material Recycling Facilities (MRF) large volumes of co-mingled kerbside and bringbank household recyclables from Local Authorities in either dual stream, such as plastic andcardboard, or plastic and cans, or fully comingled. The service provided is fully auditable, ran to meet our accredited ISO14001 and ISO9001 standards and will complies fully with all relevant legislation.

Many companies would also like to recycle but do not have the space for lots of containers. J&B have successfully ran a scheme for SMEs, Schools, Colleges, etc similar to the kerbside box/bin system for households for a number of years. We provide wheelie bins for all the following recyclable waste combined in one bin (card, paper, plastic bottles, cartons, and metal cans) as a co-mingled collection service, which is emptied and taken back to our site for sorting and recycling.

Our state of the art MRF plant incorporates a variety of sorting equipment including Bag Splitter, Trommels Ballistic Separator, Air Sifter, overband magnets, eddy current separator, vacuum, optical sorting equipment, manned quality control sorting lines and baler. The plant is designed so as to minimise manual handling and sorting with the use of the mechanical sorting equipment described, to maximise the recycling potential of material received to the full.


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