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Carton recycling and carton waste disposal in the North East and UK

CartonsCartons are made with between 70 and 90% paperboard, a renewable natural product, it can be reclaimed in the recycling process.

In 2007 J&B Recycling became a Tetra Pak approved contractor and worked with Tetra Pak, as part of ACE UK, to develop and implement a collection round for Local Authority bring site facilities throughout the North East and Scottish Borders for all types of Food and Beverage Cartons. This service was then expanded by J&B to include cartons from schools and businesses. This collection round is now serviced by J&B Recycling on a weekly basis and our site has the capability to handle and process all cartons which are baled as a separate material and then sent to a dedicated paper mill.

At the mill the baled cartons are dropped into a pulper, similar to a giant domestic food mixer, filled with water, and pulped for around 20 minutes. This breaks down the packaging to produce a grey-brown mixture. The aluminium foil and polyethylene are separated from the fibre, which is recovered to make new paper products, whilst the remaining mix of plastic and aluminium can then be used in furniture, to generate energy or even separated out into pure aluminium and paraffin.

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