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Drum Crusher

A compact pneumatic press for steel containers of up to 30 litres with a compaction ratio of 5:1. Very practical and easy to use.

2150 x 580 x 420 H W D mm

Drum Crusher

A compressed air oil filter press that reduces the size of oil filters of up to 290 x 144 mm. An outlet allows oil to be drained off into a container. Drastically reduces the cost of disposing of oil filters.

Drum Crusher

A strongly built drum crusher that will crush steel drums of up to 205 litres by a ratio of 5:1 thereby significantly reducing disposal costs. The drums are pierced and a drip tray collects any liquid for separate disposal.

2400 x 1060 x 900 H W D mm

20 tonne compaction force with 18 second cycle time


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