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The J&B Batterysafe Collection and Delivery Service is a one-price recycling service. We deliver a specially designed container for your spent Batteries and when full, you simply call us to collect. It could not be easier.

The price includes rental of our purpose designed battery storage container, delivery, collection, recycling and full Hazardous Waste Consignment Documentation.

We can supply a small box equivalent to the one below. It has an internal volume 20 litre with 50Kg Max Capacity ~ Mixed Battery Types only, excluding Lead Acid car batteries etc.

Battery Safe

The Large BatterySafe is for larger quantities of batteries. It can hold an average of 750kg of batteries.

Battery Safe

  • Ensures your compliance to the new Landfill and WEEE Directives, as well as 2005 Hazardous Waste Regulations.
  • Provides a safe, convenient and efficient method of disposal improving site housekeeping and reducing the volume of waste you send to landfill.
  • Reduces health and safety risks with purpose-designed containers constructed in high durability polyethylene with integral lid for ease of access. The container comes complete with carrying handles or forklift boxes depending on size and is marked with highly visible safety labelling and the requisite European Waste Catalogue code number, which, is now mandatory.
  • Provides a safe internal or external battery storage facility

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