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Recycling in Schools

Does your school recycle? If your answer is no you’ll probably have a lot of paper, cardboard, and plastic in your bins. If yes you may already be using J&B Recycling as we currently provide recycling collections to over 700 premises throughout the North East, but are you aware that we can provide collections for mixtures of cardboard, paper, cartons (tetrapak) polythene, plastic bottles and metal cans (comingled recyclables); glass only; and food waste only.

Zero Waste to LandfillEven the general waste we collect from schools does not go to Landfill. It is treated to recover any remaining recyclables and then burnt at an energy from waste plant (EfW) to create electricity, this means we can offer schools in our collection areas a ZERO WASTE TO LANDFILL commitment. Despite this up to 75% of the all the waste that other schools produce may still be sent to landfill, we would like to help those schools to help reduce and recycle this waste!

Depending on the size of the school and the amount of recyclable waste produced, various solutions to recycle different materials separately may be advisable e.g paper only, or in situations with lower volumes of recyclable materials or less space for different bins our comingled recyclables (dmr, dry mixed recyclables) collection, which allows for a number of materials to be collected together for recycling, may be more suitable.

J&B Recycling can provide free advice on identifying suitable waste reduction routes and cost effective, practical recycling services that provide the best recycling at the lowest cost.

Paper, cardboard, paper, and comingled recyclables collections work out much cheaper than general waste collections. Food waste recycling collections are also available in most areas. This means that if most of your waste is recycled you should have a significantly reduced the need for actual general waste collections.

We are also flexible in terms of frequency of collection, number of bins etc for the period of transition from waste disposal to greater recycling.

We can also offer pupils the opportunity to see recycling in action with free educational tours of our Material Recycling Facility.

Contact J&B for a free waste audit to see how we can help your school

Recycling and Education

Recently public interest in recycling has escalated, and environmental issues are built into the National Curriculum from an early stage.

Recycling is a common area of study in the classroom and falls under Education for Sustainable Development. It can include elements of science, such as materials and their properties, magnets, reversible and irreversible change, forces and so on. Looking at how materials are sorted and recycled can broaden the pupils' perspective of materials, how they are recycled and how they are used around the world.

Children rarely have an opportunity to visit waste management facilities but with the help of J&B Recycling the pupil or student can see how the principles of materials and physical science are applied in practice particularly at our Materials Recycling Facility (MRF). Our MRF uses a range of scientific principles on a large scale in order to automate the sorting and segregation of materials. These include relative mass, balanced and un-balanced forces, the effect of gravity and the refraction of light, magnetism etc.

Students from Kilton Thorpe Special School in Saltburn visited our MRF in 2011 and the organising teacher Chris Race stated in a letter to us "Many thanks for arranging our visit to the Recycling Centre. All the students really enjoyed this climax to our recycling project and benefited from the experience"

See news article about Yarm Preparatory School’s visit to J&B click here

To arrange a tour of our MRF then please contact us, or why not go to our resources page for more information on how recycling interacts with the National Curriculum here.

If you would like to make an enquiry or if you require further information please contact us.

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