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20 November 2018

It’s a time of gifts, goodwill and abundance. 

But amongst the trimmings and excess what are the simple things that we can all do to be more conscientious with regards to the environment? 

As we start get ready for Christmas it’s a good time to remind everyone what can and can’t be recycled, with the help of Mark Penny, Commercial Manager at J&B Recycling. 

1. To tree or not to tree... 

Tired old artificial trees are not recyclable and should go into the general waste bin not the recycling bin. However, there could be a charity or community centre crying out for them so make sure you check first. 

2. Deck the halls 

Those baubles, tinsel and strings of lights can’t be recycled either. And remember that mixed-matched decorations are on trend this year! 

3. Eat and be merry 

Most of your food and drink packaging can be recycled such as cardboard, glass bottles, tins, cans and plastic bottles. 

4. Foiled plan 

You can also recycle all of your clean aluminium foil. 

5. All that glitters 

If your Christmas cards are made from card only then you can recycle these and don't forget the envelopes are recyclable too. 

But Christmas cards with glitter, plastic-coated holograms or shiny foil can’t be recycled. Put these into your household rubbish or general waste bin, or even better, plan not to buy them in the first place. 

Tip - if the glitter or foil is restricted to the front cover of the card then you could always tear off the back and recycle that part only. 

6. Boxed off 

Parents will know that toy packaging is absolutely abundant on Christmas day – and plain card is fine for the recycling bin. Remember to rip off any plastic attachments and polystyrene!  

Tip – don't place other recycling items inside of boxes. They can get hidden and contaminate the carboard collection.  

7. Flatten it 

Space is what plenty of families lack at this time of year – so remember to flatten boxes to create space in your recycling bin.  

8. Waste not 

Food waste can only be recycled if it is collected separately to your other waste. But if you don’t have a separate food waste service any food waste must go in your household rubbish or general waste bin - not the recycling bin. 

9. Wrapped up 

We can’t recycle all wrapping paper. A lot of wrapping paper, especially the shiny metallic variety, is made from either plastic and metal foil (or both) and once that gets mixed with other paper then it can cause serious problems at the paper mills. Think about wrapping your presents in brown paper this year.  

10. Scrunch up 

If you’re in doubt, try the ‘scrunch test’ with festive wrap. Scrunch the paper in your hand and if it stays in a ball, it can be put into the recycling.  

11. Go green 

Real Christmas trees can be recycled at local authority household waste and recycling centres, composting facilities or via commercially-ran waste transfer sites that accept green waste. 

12. Tied with a bow  

As pretty as bows and ribbons look, don’t put them into your recycling bin. Save them in a bag ready for next year’s haul! 

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