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06 September 2018

J&B Recycling welcomed young pupils from Red House School around their site to learn more about recycling and how materials are processed. 


A group of year six pupils were given a tour around the company’s head office and largest MRF on Windermere Road in Hartlepool, with members of J&B staff on hand to answer any questions.


Mark Penny, Commercial Manager at J&B Recycling, said: "We were very pleased to welcome Red House School back to our site to see our work in action. 


"Our aim of offering these visits is that we hope the pupils will take away some very important recycling tips which can be used both at home and in school. We have had success in the past with other visits and hope to see more Red House pupils here in the future." 


Red House School, an independent school in Norton village, currently undertakes numerous recycling initiatives to show pupils the importance of recycling, help drive behavioural changes amongst the pupils, and develop better ways of eliminating waste.


Previously, J&B has successfully shown other groups of Red House pupils around the site in Hartlepool. These previous visits led to the current year six pupils being keen to see for themselves how the process worked, as a part of their Personal, Social, Health and Economic studies. 


Mr Steven Wilkinson, Head of Design & Technology at Red House School, praised the visit saying: "The children really enjoyed their visit. They asked a range of questions and were keen to find out what could be recycled and what couldn't, as well as identifying the problems J&B can face by individuals putting the wrong material in the wrong recycling bin. 


“The safety of the pupils was J&B's top priority throughout the visit, they even stopped some of the plant activities so that our pupils could have a closer look at the processes being carried out.


"The pupils came away with a much better understanding of the process of recycling, as well as an awareness of the consequence of not using the recycling bins correctly. They also discovered the prices charged for different types of recycled waste materials and the international market for sorted, baled, and recycled products. 


“I believe educating the next generation in environmental matters is hugely important.  It is very beneficial for the pupils to see first-hand what happens to materials when they are sent to recycling facilities. 


“The school recently carried out a battery recycling initiative so the children could easily see that big things can be achieved when everyone works together. We hope schemes like these within school will help towards changing the habits of the pupils at home and in later life.”

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