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22 June 2018


As June hosts the Festival of Learning, a month of celebrating lifelong learning at work, we’re celebrating the success of Josh Robson, our Accounts and IT Administrator. Josh started with J&B back in 2012 as Accounts Apprentice, whilst studying for his AAT qualification through the North East Chamber of Commerce apprenticeship scheme.


“When I finished College I wasn’t lucky enough to know what I wanted to do with my life and had to make the decision of whether I wanted to go to university or not.


"I was quite torn as the University lifestyle was very attractive, but the idea that I would leave with a degree but no real certainty of a job was quite worrying.


"I had a friend at the time who had followed the university route, had graduated with a degree in forensic psychology and was working full time at ASDA as she hadn’t been able to find work in her chosen field.


"I therefore decided that I wanted to find a job that had learning attached to it, which is why I decided to go down the route of an apprenticeship.


"I was always good at Maths and had studied Further Maths as an option at A Level. The idea of a job that heavily involved Maths was very appealing so I decided that a career in accountancy would quite likely be a good fit.


"Alongside my apprenticeship I needed an employer to support me with my work-based learning. I had an interview with J&B and loved the feel of the company and was over the moon when they gave me the job.


"I started as an apprentice for the company’s Management Accountant. My week consisted of three days a week working in accounts, putting together week to week reports, collating information from different jobs, and generally filling in gaps and picking up on admin tasks, one day a week carrying out the classroom based learning in Middlesbrough, then back to J&B for a day of working across other departments within the business.


"I covered transport, sales and operations, picking up all the different elements of the business which allowed me to develop a thorough understanding of the various business processes and how all the departments fitted together.


"Looking back the time I spent in other departments was incredibly valuable. J&B wasn’t just looking for a helper to manage the work load in accounts, the company was looking to give someone the opportunity to forge a career within the business.


"My apprenticeship lasted for three years, and on its completion J&B offered me a permanent position as Accounts Administrator.


"In the past couple of years my position has involved quite a lot to incorporate extra elements.


"Outside of work I enjoy computer programming and after a conversation with my line manager, J&B’s Financial Director Amanda Farndale, about how I could integrate these skills into my role at J&B, she was keen to help.


"Amanda has been really supportive and has allocated me hours in the week to work on projects that will allow me to put my computer programming skills in to practice.


"J&B is in the process of becoming more automated in its operations and processes I have been working on the development of new programs that will support this plan, helping the business to become more efficient and embrace technology in every area.


"My role has evolved into accounts and IT which I’m really happy about. Thanks to J&B’s support I have been able to mould a career that suits me perfectly and combines my strength at maths and my passion for computing.


"I really enjoy my job with J&B and I’m so glad I was able to work alongside the brilliant team here whilst completing apprenticeship.


"To work for a company that genuinely cares about you and will go the extra mile to make sure you’re happy within your job and that your skills are utilised is great.”

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