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19 April 2018


J&B RECYCLING is celebrating its on-going partnership with a local Hartlepool charity, after teaming up to help manage the organisation’s waste, taking the pressure away from generous volunteers.


The Hartlepool Special Needs Support Group, which was founded in 1989, previously struggled to handle its large amount of recycling, and often had to rely on the volunteers to dispose of it themselves at home.


As a solution to this, J&B agreed to collect the waste free of charge, as a way of recognising the charity’s continuous contribution to society.


Pat Allison, Manager of the Hartlepool Special Needs Support Group said: ‘’We are delighted with everything that J&B have done to help us manage out recyclable waste, it’s made such a huge difference.’’


"Although it may seem like such a small thing to everyone else, it’s so important to the children and young adults. It’s something they can get involved in and brings everyone together. Having that extra help means we can focus on teaching them how recycling works instead of worrying about how we’re going to dispose of it.’’ She added


The organisation helps children and young adults with profound physical or learning disabilities with their educational and leisure needs, and welcomes any help that comes its way.


Mark Penny, Commercial Manager at J&B Recycling, said: “It’s been a pleasure to work with the team at the Hartlepool Special Needs Support Group. Having the opportunity to support with the running of their educational recycling scheme is something we take huge pride in.’’


He continued: ‘’It’s so important to teach young people how to recycle properly. Getting to see first-hand group members taking such a proactive role in making sure the charity recycles as much waste as possible, saving valuable natural resources, is something we never get tired of seeing.”


The Hartlepool Special Needs Support Group aims to alleviate the needs and advance the education of group members. The group also works hard to change the public perception of disabilities by encouraging inclusive activities in public spaces.


The day to day running of the charity is heavily reliant on its team of volunteers, an active fundraising calendar, and any donations that are made by the public.


Pat added: ‘’We deal with some very young and vulnerable people every day so any assistance we can get is hugely appreciated. The support of companies within the town is incredibly valuable and the support group is so grateful for J&B’s contribution.’’


"No matter how big or small the help is that we receive, it always makes such a huge difference and is appreciated more than people realise.’’ She continued.


To find out more about how you can help support with the running of the charity, contact Pat Allison on 01429 863766.


If you would like to make an enquiry or if you require further information please contact us.

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