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17 April 2018



J&B Recycling is celebrating the ongoing success of its partnership with Sunderland’s Blue Watch Centre.


The company has been carrying out regular collections from the centre since September 2017 when they launched their Recycle Smart Scheme.


To date, the centre’s Recycle Smart Scheme has recycled litter from four Sunderland East Wards, in excess of one tonne of  card, plastic, cans ,paper and glass has been recycled, all of which has been collected by street cleans in Sunderland carried out by young people who use the centre.


Steve Rylance, the Blue Watch Centre’s Project Manager said: “Local children and young people from the centre are regularly volunteering to take part in litter picks, in support of the East Cleaner Communities programme in Sunderland, which was funded by Sunderland Council’s East Area Committee.


“As part of these litter picks, the youngsters were collecting around 40-50 bin liners of rubbish a time. With everything that was on the television and in the news about the amount of waste that was ending up in the oceans, the kids were becoming conscious of the fact that a substantial number of aluminium cans and glass and plastic bottles they were collecting from the street clean ups were not being recycled.


“To support their growing interest in recycling as much as the street rubbish; the Blue Watch Youth Centre, with support from the Council, appointed an Environmental Worker who has established the Recycle Smart Scheme facility. As a partner in the scheme J&B collects the recyclable materials gathered in the clean ups and takes them to their plant for recycling”. The Blue Watch recycling centre is now being accessed by organisations throughout the East of Sunderland, which covers Doxford, Hendon, Millfield, Ryhope and St Michael’s wards, who are delivering their own street community cleans ups and litter picks.”


The Blue Watch Centre, is a community group, ran in partnership with Sunderland City Council, which provides educational activities for young people living in the East Sunderland area.


Mark Penny, Commercial Manager from J&B Recycling, said: “It’s been a pleasure to work with the team at Blue Watch Centre, supporting the running of their Recycle Smart Scheme. It’s really encouraging to see the young people involved in the project taking such a proactive role in making sure there communities are kept tidy and removing as much rubbish as possible from the streets via their litter picks, ensuring it is going to be recycled, rather than ending up in landfill.”


Steve added: “Everyone from J&B have been invaluable in helping with the running of the recycling facility . We’re based in a residential area and thanks to J&B’s professionalism we haven’t had any complaints from neighbours, and they’re always happy to advise us on what can and cannot be recycled, because there’s a lot more to it than most people think.


“The kids involved in the scheme have been learning lots about all the different types of plastics from the J&B drivers. It’s great to be able to educate them on the topic for the future, and we’re keen to get a visit down to J&B’s MRF in the diary soon, so the kids can see first-hand what happens to the waste they’ve picked up and recycled.”


J&B Recycling also works in partnership with Sunderland City Council, processing the kerbside waste from households, as well as providing services to collect general and recyclable waste from businesses across the city.

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