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J&B Bio Ltd was formed in 2014 as a joint venture between J&B Recycling and Hull based waste management firm Biowise Ltd  (trading as Wastewise). J&B Bio secured three 10-year contracts to manage waste from Hull City Council and East Riding of Yorkshire Council in July 2014.

J&B Bio successfully tendered for the processing of mixed recyclables and organic waste from Hull and East Riding, which covers towns such as Beverley, Goole and Bridlington, with a combined value of £4million per year.

The first contract involves the processing of approximately 22,000 tonnes a year of recyclable household materials from approximately 112,000 homes across the city of Hull. The waste such as glass and plastic bottles, newspaper and cardboard is collected by Hull City Council wagons that deliver to a transfer station in Hull. These are then collected in bulk by J&B Bio and sorted at J&B Recycling’s MRF in Hartlepool.

The other contracts involve the processing of mixed garden and kitchen waste from approximately 263,000 homes across both the East Riding of Yorkshire and Hull. Biowise processes this waste, at its IVC (in vessel composting) facility, in Willerby near Hull. The councils collect the organic waste in their bin wagons and deliver it to three transfer stations across the region and also direct deliver into the Biowise facility. J&B Bio collects in bulk from the transfer station and in total process approximately 60,000 tonnes per year of organic waste, which is converted into quality compost for use in horticulture and agriculture.

J&B Bio can provide innovative waste management services for local authorities across England and Scotland and will deliver a competitive service based around quality, expertise and price drawing on the strengths and experience of both partners.

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