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"Here at J&B Recycling Ltd we provide diverse and innovative solutions in waste collection, recovery and recycling to both public and private sector organisations. Partnerships are developed to manage waste in the most effective, legally compliant and efficient way, whilst maintaining the adaptability to react to our customers' changing needs. We provide flexibility, quality, reliability and value for money to all our customers in a sustainable and ethical manner," Vikki Jackson-Smith (Managing Director)

J&B Recycling's key objective has always been to divert as much waste away from landfill by increasing the levels and types of waste that can be recycled. This is done in a cost-effective and sustainable manner through forward thinking and innovation. Key contracts are held with stratgeic reprocessors for materials.

J&B Recycling was the first company in the Tees Valley to set up a plastic bottle bank scheme and also one of the first to offer co-mingled recyclable collections for commercial customers. In addition to our sites in Hartlepool and Middlesbrough, J&B Recycling work with a number of local authorities enable the effective handling and transportation of materials from the kerbside recycling schemes.

The History of J&B Recycling

J&B Recycling was established in February 1998 to diversify from the parent company's solid fuel business into recycling and waste management. The declining nature of the solid fuel trade made diversification necessary to safeguard the jobs of the company’s then 20 employees. The decision to look to recycling and waste management was taken as there were significant synergies identified with regard to the existing key skills and knowledge of the company and its employees.

The government white paper, Waste Strategy 2000, outlined proposals for increasing waste recycling and cutting back on the use of landfill sites, and J&B took this opportunity to implement a collection round for glass bottles from commercial premises in September 2001.

Pubs and clubs were provided with collection bins for the disposal of used drinks bottles, which was beneficial to all concerned by reducing waste collection costs and diverting the bottles away from landfill to a glass processing plant. From this initial collection scheme, J&B Recycling has developed its business through the building of two Materials Recycling Facilities in Hartlepool, one which now processes all types of waste, whilst the other specialises in kerbside recyclables. They provide the capacity for the handling and sorting of up to 75,000 tonnes of recyclable materials per annum each. The development of the company has seen it grow from a small family managed business into a reputable, established recycling and waste management company that is recognised nationally, now employing over 150 people.

Vikki Jackson-Smith (Managing Director)

J&B Recycling


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