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  • J&B recovers for recycling over 12,000 tonnes of empty plastic bottles and trays a year. That is equivalent to 368 million bottles, which would otherwise take 500 years to decompose at landfill. Most families throw away about 40kg of plastic per year. Just one recycled plastic bottle will save enough energy to power a 60-watt light bulb for 3 hours.
  • J&B employs over 150 people across Teesside. Training and improvement are paramount at J&B Recycling and over half of our staff have achieved NVQs Level 2 to Level 4.
  • J&B recover for recycling over 1% of all the aluminium packaging used in the UK a year which saves over 7,800,000 kWh of electricity a year compared to making cans out of virgin materials.
  • All steel cans are 100% recyclable and contain up to 25% recycled steel It's not just food and drink cans that are made from steel – most of your deodorants, hairsprays, polishes, paint cans and other household and DIY products are made out of steel too. By recycling steels cans J&B helps save 3,000 tonnes of iron ore, 1,000 tonnes of coal & 40% water usage a year compared to producing virgin steel.
  • J&B receive material for recycling from both Scotland and England.
  • We recover for recycling nearly 3000 tonnes of paper and cardboard per month. J&B recycle enough paper a year to save cutting down 500,000 trees.
  • J&B recovers for recycling 21000 tonnes of glass bottles and jars a year which is equivalent to 83 Million 330ml empty bottles. This saves enough energy compared to using virgin glass in bottle production to power over 1700 computers for an hour. The average family in the UK uses 500 glass bottles and jars a year therefore J&B recycle the equivalent output of over 70,000 households. Glass is 100% recyclable and can be used again and again, otherwise Glass that is thrown away and ends up in landfills will take over 4000 years to decompose.

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