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J&B Recycling has a waste management contract with Paxtons, an agricultural machinery dealership with five depots across the North East ranging from Coldstream to Northallerton.

The company is a family-run business and was formed in 1853. After working with two different waste management companies, Vickie Bell, the Office Manager at Paxtons, looked into other service providers.

She said: “Before we used J&B Recycling we used two different providers to handle our waste and paper. This meant we had two different companies to keep track of and were still throwing away recyclable waste.

“To solve the problem we actually spoke to our local council to see who they used when J&B’s name cropped up. We spoke to a few different businesses in the area and again J&B Recycling came up a few times, all with positive feedback.

“After the initial call to the company, a representative from J&B came on site and talked us through how much waste we created, what size bins we should have use and also what services they could provide. I was really impressed by the professionalism and efficiency of the company.”

J&B Recycling streamlined Paxtons waste management service, meaning the company needs only one point of contact for its waste services to collect general waste and dry mixed recyclables (DMR) on a scheduled basis

J&B manages thewaste collection services provided to Paxtons locations in Durham, Northallerton, Alnwick andColdstream .

Vickie added: “Working with J&B has really enforced the positive message of recycling within our company, we’re pretty strict to make sure we recycle and re-use things as much as possible and all of our staff are educated and aware of what can go in each bin.

“J&B Recycling has been handling our recycling for a number of years now and we never have any issues. Even at the start of working together to iron out some teething problems they reacted quickly to solve issues at the sites . This really impressed us.

“They are professional, competitively priced and I would not hesitate to recommend them to any other company.”


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