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J&B was appointed to manage the waste at Middleton Grange, one of the North East's largest shopping centres with over 120 stores and a market hall, in November 2012 after the centre’s management team decided to review its set-up to see how energy efficient and environmentally friendly it was. The Centre’s Manager Mark Rycraft said: “We were considering looking at our waste management programme as many tonnes of waste are generated from the Centre every year, so we wanted to make sure what we had in place was as efficient as it could be. We also have our own targets to reduce carbon emissions through the transportation of our waste, so working with a local company was very important to us. We immediately noticed the difference in costs, which were reduced by around 20 per cent and that means our tenants will notice the difference too.”

On the back of this success partnership, Middleton Grange Shopping Centre received the Zero Waste to Landfill accreditation.

The amount and different types of waste that are recycled was immediately increased, and a range of brand new colour coded bins was introduced to make things easier. 


Middleton Grange Middleton Grange Middleton Grange Middleton Grange

Equipment and procedures were put in place to collect and recycle baled cardboard, baled polythene, paper, glass, mixed recyclables from certain tenants, metals, fluorescent tubes and lightbulbs, batteries, pallets, WEEE and bulky waste such as that from constuction work. Even the general waste is processed to recover any recyclables from it, with recycling performance information being provided to the Centre's operations team so that they can make improvements internally, before the residue is diposed of as RDF to create Energy from Waste (EfW).

Middleton Grange Middleton Grange Middleton Grange Middleton Grange

Plans devised jointly by the Middleton Grange team and J&B Recycling were put in place to continually increase recycling and make processes as quick and efficient as possible, with continual reviews of our services. This included toolbox talks for operations staff and tennants, promotion of the service and benefits to tennants via newsletters and flyers, dialogue with tennants including suggestions and rewards schemes, plus a vaibility study on the potential for segregating food waste at source so that it can be collected seaprately recycling and energy recovery at anearobic digestion facilites.

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