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ONE of the world’s largest construction firms is looking forward to a long relationship with J&B Recycling approaching the third anniversary of their contract.

Interserve operates from a UK headquarters and employs in excess of 80,000 employees across the globe.

The company generates thousands of tonnes of construction waste each year, and gives J&B Recycling the responsibility of removing waste materials produced on sites across the North of England via its skip hire service.

Alan Crowe, Procurement Manager for Interserve, said: “We have built up an excellent relationship with J&B Recycling which we hope will continue to develop.

“At Interserve we have a very powerful ethos on sustainability, and in line with that we have a wide range of targets in terms of waste reduction and re-use.

“The directive is to make waste a thing of the past, and we are always striving to meet new targets. Our most recent data shows that we have increased the re-use of waste by 15 per cent, and reduced waste overall by 25 per cent.

“Working in the construction sector, we produce waste from bricks, wood, metals, glass and other materials. Then we have to take into consideration packaging that the materials come to us in.

“We have hundreds of construction sites across the world, and dozens of those locations are in the North East which is where J&B Recycling will go as and when we require them.

“J&B provide skips on both short term and long term hire with a package tailored to suit each project. Other services such as hazardous waste collection are also carried out by J&B.

“They also act as our point of contact for all waste-related queries and offer advice as to the best solution.”

Interserve teamed up with J&B Recycling in 2013, and have been impressed by the service the company provides.

Alan added: “We are very selective about the waste companies we use. We carry out audits and due diligence before entering into a contract, then we build up a working relationship.

“J&B Recycling is exactly the type of firm we trust, and trust is the key factor in any relationship. They can give us direction and impartial advice on our waste, and even though that may not always be in their best interests they are always on hand to help us and provide recommendations on the best reuse, recycling or disposal route when needed.”

Mark Penny, J&B Recycling’s Commercial Manager, said: “We are happy to work with Interserve, and are delighted with the way our working relationship has developed over the last three years.

“As with any client, the amount of waste generated is different in both volume and material, but we work closely with Interserve to ensure we meet their requirements and provide the optimum sized skip and collection frequencies for the waste generated.

“The company has really strong and admirable beliefs over recycling targets and they know we are always on hand to help them as and when we can.”


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