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Newton Aycliffe Lidl Distribution Centre

J&B RECYCLING have been working with Lidl for a number of years to help minimise the cost and environmental impact of its waste disposal after developing solutions for the majority of its waste materials.

The company’s original contract with Lidl was to remove the company’s general waste from the firm’s Regional Distribution Centre (RDC) in Newton Aycliffe. Since then, J&B has introduced a variety of solutions for different waste streams including those that are harder to find a recycling home for, such as plant pots, ceramics, and even bags of charcoal The majority of waste collected is taken to one of J&B’s local recovery facilities before being sent for recycling, rather than heading to landfill.

The chain has more than 620 stores nationwide, with 90 in the North East and outlying areas. Waste is speparated into different types returned from the local stores back to the RDC in Newton Aycliffe. The RDC staff check and sort where necessary  all the waste generate from the stores and at the RDC into differtent streams to minimise cost and maximise recycling potential J&B Recycling make collections on an almost daily basis to collect different streams for further refinement by sorting and or  recycling.

James Bragg, Lidl’s consultant for Recycling & Waste Logistics, said: "We obviously produce waste from our stores, and as a company it is our policy to recycle rather than send that waste to landfill. J&B Recycling started off their contract with us by removing general waste, but that now expands to metal, wood, glass, plastics, some electrical waste and  redundant products. We are delighted to be working alongside J&B Recycling, they provide good service levels and have an excellent local knowledge which opens doors and gives us avenues into different markets in terms of the recycling chain."

Mark Penny, Commercial Manager at J&B Recycling, said: "We have developed a strong partnership with Lidl that has benefited both companies. We handle a variety of wastes such as magazines, leaflets and even their hazardous waste. Food waste is taken to an anaerobic digestion plant which creates new energy for the local area, and  everything else is sorted or bulked up  into the relevant categories at our MRF in Hartlepool and recycled accordingly".

J&B collect materials via a numbr of different vehicle methods in quanities and frequencies best suited to the RDC and have developed recycling routes for all sorts of waste materials.

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