J&B can provide a range of containers that can be moved by pallet truck, forklift or by hand on wheels for the storage and collection of waste such as glass, paper, cardboard, plastic and co-mingled recyclables.

This means material can be captured and at the source of production making it easier to segregate for recycling

Wheelie bin Wheelie bin Wheelie bin

120L Technical Specifications

Volume 120 L
Maximum depth 543 mm
Maximum width 480 mm
Maximum height 927 mm
Height to unloading edge 875 mm
Wheelbase 480 mm
Weight (Standard model) 10.4 kg
Maximum Load Weight 54 kg

240L TechnicalSpecifications

Volume 240 L
Maximum depth 730 mm
Maximum width 580 mm
Maximum height 1070 mm
Height to unloading edge 995 mm
Wheelbase 570 mm
Weight (Standard model) 14.35 kg
Maximum Load Weight 96 kg

660L Technical Specifications

Volume 660 L
Volume to unloading edge 630 L
Maximum depth 767 mm
Maximum width 1360 mm
Maximum height 1200 mm
Height to unloading edge 1120 mm
Track 490 mm
Wheelbase 870 mm
Weight (Standard model) 44 kg
Maximum Load Weight 264 kg

1100L Technical Specifications

Volume 1100 L
Volume to unloading edge 960 L
Maximum depth 960 mm
Maximum width 1364 mm
Maximum height 1462 mm
Height to unloading edge 1210 mm
Track 740 mm
Wheelbase 860 mm
Weight (Standard model) 83 kg
Maximum Load Weight 440 kg

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